25 June 2010

Dog Day Burn

River and sea collide
meeting on the porch
Hot as the hell inside
me, soaked and wrung

I rest my eyes,
fireflies hover and float
Little light reminders of
faded glow in my heart

People say, Get a dog
adopt a cat, (bitter laugh)
Dogs don't say I love you
cats aren't arms of a woman

No matter, sticks thrown
or jingly balls tossed,
Jaws fetching and tugging
won't retrieve a broken heart,

when goodbye is a dirty word.


  1. Keep the faith, she may be just around the next corner. We never really know when someone will show up! I hope my weekly award helps to bring in some sunshine!

  2. That is just too sad. Best wishes to you for much more than a pet.

  3. Irish, this made me sad. :(

    What about a turtle?

  4. In the long run cats, dogs, and women aren't worth all the effort. What you need to find is a friend and if that friend becomes a lover then all the better.

  5. Your poem is a great expression of the loneliness we all feel at one time or another. I hope you find your special someone. But hey, I really think dogs have at least SOMEthing to offer...

  6. I didn't get a dog to fill the spaces. I got a dog so that I could still find the ability to love unconditionally.

    Best thing that I ever did to get a free kiss and shoulder to cry on. No more ' we need to talk', until the next time, and that's been and gone...but you know that don't you Irish?

    Women don't leave a shit on the floor! Unless you pay for it or don't leave the door open!

  7. Ouch! This is pure pain! But the thing is dogs do say I love you... You just can't hear it... Sometimes it's enough... for a while...

  8. i see why the goddess awarded y'all POTW, sugar! xoxo

  9. Hmm. Sounds a bit like you're sneering at the medicine because it's not a cure.

    Nothing heals instantly, and "people" might have been around that block a time or two.

    The SPCA is full of pets who are lost and abandoned and unloved. Maybe you could help THEM feel less lonely.

    Just my two cents... which are rarely worth that much.

  10. But they do give unconditional love and are really nice to be around. I love my animals.


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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