02 June 2012

Silver Light So Pretty

Selene smiles on me, her silver radiance coruscating through the leaves of an oak tree near to the yard. The quiet of the night only broken by the muffled laughter and talk from another backyard over yonder. The sky is not quite dark, a darkening blue on its way to indigo and velvet. Selene is a jewel, she is, one I wish I could wear on a chain around my neck.

It is comforting, is it not, this liquid silver light that bathes us all at one time or another? It is reflected fire, containing mystery without the overarching presence of the daytime sun. I left the house this morning in hopes of catching the sun at the right time, down by bridges, trains and the river. Alas, my ignorance of local roadways combined with a special event conspired against me reaching the destination I sought. I spent time driving around in the morning sun, but not walking in it. Not enough, anyway. So I returned home and frittered away a good portion of the day ruminating on dinnertime and what I would eat.

I put aside the notion of light for a few hours, thinking instead of ingredients and menus, entrees and sides. I pored over books on food looking for certain recipes and other ideas. The sun did its thing outside the windows, while the birds frolicked in the grass. Blue jay and starling, robin and sparrow, they all have a fascination for the grass outside the window near my desk. I watched them, I constructed a plan for my culinary adventures, then set out to forage for my eats.

The sun at that point was just background, just another factor in deciding to put on sunglasses or turn on the air conditioning. I was paying very little attention to it as I made the rounds amongst market and store. It grew somewhat warm here today, just enough to crank up the fan and tilt the blinds. The sun and the light slipped from my mind.

Slipped, that is, until I stepped outside this evening, as the sky grew dark and the air began to cool. It was then I saw the moon, or perhaps it saw me. The flash of light through the leaves seemed like a signal, a flare, designed to get my attention. I looked up quickly and a small sound escaped my throat. I drew in a breath. A gentle breeze ruffled my hair as I stood transfixed by the moonlight. It held me still for a few minutes. I lost track of time, my sense of place. I have been so busy lately dealing with change I have had almost no time for contemplation, so this was an old feeling become new.

The silver light, from the crown of Selene, is truly an unearthly beauty. It slowed me down to remind me that it shines on us all. So our hearts are not alone, although miles sometimes separate us. The human beings that we are, woven together by silver light so pretty.


  1. Lovely .. especially since we have just had one of those Full moons here that looked like it was about a block away .. huge and bright ("silver light" ) .. besitos ~

  2. I took the dogs outside last night for their last sniff before bed. There seemed to be too much light shining on the lawn. I stepped further out and looked up over the roof. Wow. She was beautiful, mysterious, ethereal. I'm truly a moon child rather than a sun worshipper.

    Nice to share the silver light, even from across the country and from different time zones. And indeed, it shines on all of us...

  3. What pretty words. We've had a beautiful crescent moon here in Brisbane.

  4. Delurking again to let you know I nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award. Please don't feel obligated to do anything other than bask in the glory. I truly do find your blog inspiring. You make me want to be a better writer. :) Here's the link: http://midlifechronicles.com/2012/06/03/ill-have-two-awards-with-one-long-absence-on-the-side-please/

  5. Ahhhh. Wrapping myself in your talent.

    It's lovely.


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