05 August 2012

Magpie Tales 129: Judith in the Glass

A Dinner Table at Night, 1884, by John Singer Sargent, via Magpie Tales

Good night, madam. 

What? No, no (smile).

The pleasure was mine, I assure you. I say with certainty that a most delightful evening I've not had in a year of fortnights.

What's that? Sorry, my hearing is not quite the same since the War. No, I'll pass on another glass of that port most fine. A fine example, if a tad sweet for my palate. (laugh) I've no doubt a honeyed tongue such as yours will find it to be as nectar to bees. 

Please, enjoy. I'm sure it will settle the beef and oysters quite well. Good for the digestion, or so the Duchess' physicians have told me. I continue to drink under their advice.

But you do not? Strictly for pleasure, do you? (smile)

I have the memory of pleasure, madam. I do.  No, please, no sympathy is needed.

(sigh) Forgive me, madam. I am no longer the youth I once was. Time and carbines have dulled the edge of my steel, you see (laugh). Ah, again, do not pity me.

(stands) Well...Judith, is that right? Yes, Judith (warm smile), if you will please forgive me. I am fatigued, and I must go. (kisses hand). No, it is not due to lack of charm, you excel in that. And, beauty? Well, Aphrodite is surely grinding her teeth (laugh). 

No, the fault, my dear, is that I cannot be certain I must leave because of the spirits in my eyes, or the laudanum in yours.  Good night.


  1. haha...nice dialogue and foibles of dialogue...without overdoing her lack of hearing, with a fine tinge of humor though...smiles..

  2. Very cleverly written (and I know that old boy!)

  3. Spirits and laudanum? What a mix - especially after oysters and beef!!

  4. Played by Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson...

  5. That's a recipe for disaster. Booze and opium.
    Nicely written!

  6. So very clever, excellent write! I have to revisit the hair song, again! Thanks!

  7. What an enjoyable take on the Mag image. :)


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