01 March 2014

Knowing Your Aglio From (An) Olio In The Ground

Belly notes, February 19, 2014. A temporary bachelor at table, and hungry.

Feral. Primal. Rough. Vibrant burn of red chili flakes tempered in olive oil. Spaghetti like iron strings, filo de ferro, dusted with herbs and garlic.

Throaty. Raspy. Growly. Exactly what I needed for a solo dinner on a rainy winter evening.

One of the best dishes I have yet made in all the time I have been cooking. Not elegant, nor haute cuisine, but guaranteed to satisfy in all its rough hewn splendor.

I speak, of course, about spaghetti aglio e olio. You know how to make this, even if you do not realize it.

Extra virgin olive oil.
Red onion.
Red pepper flakes.

Oregano, if you dare.
Thin spaghetti.
Parmagiano-Reggiano cheese.

By its fierceness you will know it. You will be satisfied.


  1. Nothing better than a fierce satisfaction...especially if it's Italian and mouth-watering... ;D

    1. Fierce, indeed. We all need some fierceness now and then.


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