02 March 2009

That Collar Looks Smashing, Don't You Think?

T-minus 7 days and counting.

I am preparing for launch. The wheels of the Universe have turned in their own mysterious fashion and through whatever machinations of Fate, it has happened.

I have somehow found myself gainfully employed. The fittings for the collar went swimmingly, and on Monday, March 9th, I will once again be captaining an ergonomically correct, full-motion and probably black or dark blue desk chair.

I cannot confirm the color, because I have not seen the actual chair yet. But I have seen enough of them in nearly 20 years of architectin’ to be very familiar with the type. My workstation was not complete yet, but I have been assured that it will be ready by the time I show up. I have no doubt that it will be. The workstation will have the accoutrements of modern business, the usual suspects: phone, task lamp (maybe), computer. I hope to have unlimited access to Post-Its.

The company I am going join has a good reputation, does some interesting work and is stable. I thoroughly enjoyed my interview, and they reciprocated with interest. It looks like I will be getting my hands on work that has interest for me, and should keep me suitably engaged. I am hoping to fully utilize the skills and talents I think I brought to the table. I believe I’ll have the opportunity to perhaps create some good work. Plus, this job makes some other things possible.

In a week, I will be back to the singular pleasures and subtle delights of the regular workday. I will have a new commute, twice as long as my old one, through the heart of Charm City. My new workplace will not be as easy to get to as my previous place of employment. Perhaps this will be offset in part by access to an even broader array of eating/drinking establishments. There is the typical pizza place, a burrito joint (I like burritos, especially with pinto beans), and at least one place that has free Wi-Fi access. I expect I will be availing myself of their hospitality to do some Internettin’ away from the office and in the relative anonymity of a busy café. Also nearby is an Irish pub/restaurant, within easy walking distance. It has a decent reputation; I am eager to determine how well they handle the pouring of a pint of Guinness. Professional curiosity, you know.

For obvious reasons, a significant portion of my time will have to be dedicated to making my new position a success. It has to. Given the current economic situation, I would be foolish to not do my best. And I have always striven to do my best, no matter what I am engaged in.

I don’t know exactly what this means for my presence here on Irish Gumbo, other than to say I will have to pull back a bit. I need to do that anyway, because of my desire to develop some book ideas, do some marketing for publishing and that sort of thing.

I also need to pull back for some personal reasons, and because I am low on energy. I have been putting a lot of myself into the blog, occasionally more than I should perhaps, and it is catching up with me now. To be candid, I am approaching exhaustion. But I will not be giving it up. I can’t. I’ve learned too much, had a lot of fun and made some wonderful, wonderful connections.

Whither Irish Gumbo? Give me a moment to catch my breath. Then let’s figure it out, you and I.


  1. NO!!!! You will find a way...your energy will return to you when you're settled, and you'll be fine. Take your time, Mr. Irish: we're here waiting for you. Look at Jim, he disappeared completely but have we forgotten him? (Jim who?...kidding). You have loyal friends and fans. We're waitin'....

  2. Oh Irish. Mum and me - we're so happy for you. VERY happy. You are right that you should put your all into your new job. But, we think you'll also find time now to nurture your creativity too. Mum has to go back to work in the UK from next week too, then every second week after that. Big changes everywhere we think. Everyone seems to be touched by change. Is that a bad thing? We look forward to following you down your new path...xxx

  3. Irish,

    This is truly excellent news! Congratulations on the new gig. You will rock it, I'm sure.

    Don't sweat the blog thing. It'll settle into its proper place in your life. We'll all be looking forward to reading whatever you write, whenever you write it.


  4. Dude I'm happy for you. I've never managed to captain a chair, just sit on one, but I wish you all the best.

    You won't be completely cutting back will you? We need at least some gumbo.

  5. Excellent news! Unlimited post-its? How can you pass that up?

    All joking aside, congrats and we will be here to read whatever you have time to post for us. Like Braja said, we haven't forgotten about what's his name, right? I think it started with a J...


    #2 - I think you'll find your energy coming back soon.

    #3 - Grace us with your presence a few times a week (you HAVE to tell us how things are going at the new job), and we'll be happy. You'll find a good balance soon, trust me.

    Did I tell you congratulations? CONGRATULATIONS!!

  7. Congratulations on the new job!
    Your energy will come back in no time, I'm sure. Concentrate on settling in to your new job and the commute,e tc. Then pop in when you can. We're not going anywhere.

  8. Congratulations on the new gig! That's great. Give and take is the theme of life but I look forward to any further Gumbo you may be posting in the future!

  9. Yay for you, Gumbo! Yipeeee for unlimited Post-its! How cool is that? I am very excited for you. I think the long commute will serve you well. Excellent for thinking up stuff and listening to tunes.

    I will miss your daily presence in my Google reader, but don't you worry about any obligations you have to the blog. You go live your life and keep us updated when you can.

    Congratulations again!

    :-) Erin

  10. Working is so 90s, don't you think?

  11. you can do so many wonderful things with post-its.

  12. Congratulations on your new position. Good luck on your new adventures ahead. Change IS good.

  13. Already told you congrats on the job.

    My heart hurts at the thought of less IG but it's understandable. Just don't forget us little people when you become a big time author.

    Good luck with EVERYTHING!

  14. Congrats on getting the job. Don't mean to just echo the same sentiments but I can appreciate how difficult it is to do that today.

  15. Congratulations! There aren't so many jobs around right now, so that's great news.

    As for the blogging, priorities and all that jazz. We'll all wait for you, so take your time :)

  16. Oh Irish!! I feel such a great relief for you! Congrats!! And it is so nice that you like it there and they are looking forward to having you. I got a job once and it took them more than a month after I started to get the other guy and his REAMS of paper out of 'my' office. They also seemed, uh, surprised, when I showed up, like they had forgotten I had been hired??

    Anyway, rest!! and gain energy for what I hope is a fun return to the architectin'...
    (I didn't know you were in Charm City, I hope you find the drive enjoyable)

  17. Congrats!

    Would you be jealous to know that I work for a division of 3M? Talk about unlimited Post Its!!

  18. Your news just made me smile for the first time today. So, thank you for that. Irish Gumbo will not die. Sometimes, you need to set the good stuff on the back burner and let it stew so the flavors can blend a little better anyway. Mazel tov on the employment, Irish.

  19. The first hit is always free... we know you'll be back.

  20. ...and I've just been getting to know you. I wish you all the luck in your new job...and hope that you are able to keep posting the great stuff that you have been.

    You ALWAY have access to Hot Dads...know that my brotha!

  21. We'll be here when you return, nobody's going anywhere. Especially not me. I'm going nowhere. *sigh*

    Congratulations, that's very exciting news!

  22. All the best in captaining the chair and discovering the eateries and drinkeries in the neighborhood. It's always an exciting and anxious time to start a new job. All the success to you, in all the endeavors that take your time away from your blog.

  23. Rock on, Mr. Man! It must have been the fabulous tie coupled with your smooth debonair-ness that got you the job. Or maybe they just needed some class in their place. Congratulations!

  24. Congrats Gumbo my chum... Now I should ponder my opportunity of a possible head teaching chef at a new culinary school in my state capitol... I have been thinking of getting out of my old kitchen and into a new state of the art, at someone else's expense for once...

  25. For the record, RD pours a fantastic pint of Guiness...just make sure you ask for the 20 oz glass as they have a habit of trying to sneak those darn 16 ozer's past but those seasoned Guiness drinkers know better.

    As for post-its, I asked for some 3x3's here in the office cos we were out and ended up with 6 packages so feel free to swing by the old joint (you do remember where we are, right? :-0) and help yourself.

    Best of luck on Monday. Looking forward to hearing how things go.


  26. Congratulations on the job fella! :)

    Don't give up on the blog, just post less often.

  27. That is great freaking news. That must have put some spring in your step?! Super happy for you. All the luck. And rest up man. So awesome :)

  28. So it's happened as we all knew it would - a good job for our Gumbo. Great. A good supply of Post-Its is everyone's dream. Well done.
    I for one am very pleased to share you for as long as it takes. Relax - we will be here when you can make it.
    June in Oz

  29. Good for you Mr Irish. I hope you enjoy travelling to your new horizons and that the new post brings you fulfillment and happiness. I do hope you manage to come back from time to time though because I've only just found you :)

  30. IB
    Congrats from Mum & oldman
    To all of your fellow bloggers we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support
    for IRISH GUMBO.

    oldman irish & Mum

  31. Good luck on your relaunch into the working world, old stick! And remember, illegitimi non carborundum...

    P.S. Hello to Irish The Parents up there!

  32. Glad that you have a job. Life sometimes gets in the way of blogging! Good luck with it all.

  33. I am very very happy for you!!!!!!! omg.

    fingers crossed and all that mumbo jumbo....

  34. Congratulations to all you've accomplished recently!

    "A human being must have occupation if he or she is not to become a nuisance to the world."
    Dorothy L. Sayers

  35. Good job on the job, Irish! And a hello to your parents, as well.

    I'm very proud of you and for you. I'll miss your daily blogging (you are(did you know?)one of 6 I check daily.)

    God bless you and prosper you in this new venture. Let us know how the Guinness test goes!

  36. Congratulations on the new job and I, too hope that you have unlimited access to post-its. So important. I'm very happy for you understand the need for balance in your life. March forth, Dear Gumbo and we'll be here when you return.

  37. Congratulations on the new job Irish! With your talent,I have great faith that you will find time to take pen to paper as well.

  38. Congrats Kevin!! That is fabulous!
    Sorry I am at least a week behind on my blog reading.

  39. So happy for you IG!!!

    Understand about the pulling back a bit. You have to have all things in perspective and job is priority number 1.

    Just don't forget us here on the blogger!

    Love ya!

  40. So happy for you and family re your new post.
    Tough finding good jobs in this Economy.
    Don't forget to stop and breathe once in awhile.
    Hope you keep doing some posts as so many
    people enjoy them.
    Cpt.Dumbass Mom

  41. Hey, congratulations on the new gig. I hope it breathes new life into you and that you thrive there. Stop back in and post for us when you can. Just wouldn't be the same blogosphere without your voice in it.

    Hugs and good fortune!


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