30 March 2009

Guest Postus Toastus: The Honor Is Mine

Hey, everyone! Hear ye, Hear ye!
Today I have the honor of guestposting over at The Dayton Time. The lovely Pamela a.k.a. 'The Missus' and wife of The Mister, graciously invited me over while they celebrate the birth of their 4th child, Elliott Samuel Dayton. So please stop by there, leave some love for them. Oh, and I wrote a post, too!


  1. Woot? You're back? Sort of? I hear you've got yourself a big fancy architecture job. Congrats.

    Also, you should know that around Christmas time I was obsessed with toast. I think I went through three loaves of this English toasting bread I found at the grocery store. I could not stop eating it or talking about it. My husband has forbid me from going back to that particular grocery store until this recession ends. The loaves were 7 bucks each. Ahhh, to be rich and surrounded by English toasting bread. And butter.

  2. He's alive! And guestposting! Quite the day. Heading over!

  3. Good job Irish. I never thought there was such a scientific method to toasting bread before— perhaps that's why I don't do it all that often.

  4. Mate, I somehow missed this from my bloglist. Damn bloglist. Will head there now...

  5. A toast! To Irish Gumbo!

    Here's good luck to your toaster...
    Good luck to the barley mow
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  6. He lives!

    I will be using the word "wondermous" on a frequent basis.

  7. Yummy. Good to read you again, Gumby.

  8. Good to see you! Heading over to read your poetry.

  9. Lets toast together, I got a teaching job, culinary school and wrote my first real food critic piece and feel pretty proud over at Behind the wheel Chef!

  10. I realize this is an entirely different topic, Irish, but my 15 year old son has joined an architecture/engineering/construction mentoring group that is led by a few young engineers and architects once a week after school. He loves it and is now expressing an interest in architecture. Since you are the only architect that I almost know, I thought I would ask for any inside information that my we might want to know about this field and the training that goes into it. Thanks.

  11. why didn't anyone tell me that you were back?? Hello people???


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