06 April 2009

The Creepin' Guest Postin' Blues

Well, friends and neighbors, boys and girls, dudes and dudettes and ambisexuals, it is that time again. As so often happens when the weather turns, finally tipping over from winter into spring like a slow putt dropping into the cup, ideas like crocuses begin popping up all over. Yours truly was lucky enough to have an idea that 1) I remembered long enough to write it down in my Idea Notebook and B) I actually found some time to write the post for it! Woot!

However, tonight is not that post. Tomorrow I will post it. This is just a teaser. See, I had this other brilliant idea (read: smacked my head into a door frame by accident) and that was to beg, plead, entreat* some of my bloggy buds to please please please for the love of all that is holy please write a guest post for me ImdesperateImdyinoverheah...

Be careful what you wish for. These guys said yes. Yes. Dear readers, I am pleased and honored and just plain tickled that I will have three guest posters this week, the creme de la scum, er, creme of the blogosphere, to dazzle and entertain us all.

For our edification and delight, Captain Dumbass of Us and Them, Idiot Boy at Idiot's Stew, and cIII at The Goat and Tater, have lain upon me some quality wordsmithing, which I will post over this week. The Captain is batting first, on Wednesday, April 8th. IB will follow on Thursday, April 9th. And cIII (provided I can get hold of him, where did that boy get to?) should be rounding out the week on Friday, April 10th.

My big idea, a mental aperitif, if you will, is slated for tomorrow. So please, get a drink from the big bar on the patio and come join me for some early spring hijinks here at Irish Gumbo!

*My bar tab is going to be sooooo big...these guys can drink like fish, and, well, I may have inadvertently said something about buying the first round...


  1. Blogspot Chorale Society? That is the funniest thing I've seen all day. Sorry to hear you're having trouble locating cIII...I hear the Tater got out of the crib. He's probably heading up the search party.

  2. Oh you're buying the first round, buddy. You can bet yer Irish ass on that one!

  3. Hey! Good to see you here! I'm looking forward to the writings of your guest bloggers. Hope the job is going well!

  4. Hey ... I always look forward to the guest posts. Especially when the guests blog about the people they're guesting for! *giggles* That's always FUN!

    I'll grab that drink ... maybe several ... I AM kind of lushish that way.

    I'm punchy ... too many hours awake, I'm rambling ... can't wait for the posts!

  5. Ah, drinks are on Irish! I'm thirsty. Oh just for the guest posters not the guests huh? Well alright then.

    I look forward to the upcoming writing. And Pamela is right, I do believe the Tater escaped the prison recently. I imagine there's a baby hunt going on.

  6. I'll gladly take a Bulmer's cider please.

  7. Just hit them with a triple shot first up and they'll pass out and you're in, cheap, no problems.

    Wait...that wasn't spiritual guidance, it was spirit guidance. My mistake. Sorry...

  8. Early Spring hijinks? At 7:21am? You must be mad!

  9. Some people will do anything for a free shout ...
    June in Oz

  10. Oh, look who decided to come outside and play!

    I'm awaiting with bated breath, m'dear.


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