16 April 2009

"You Cannot Possibly Comprehend The Forces Arrayed Against You"

Mommy, I'm skeered....


  1. Jafar is so skeevy. Is it wrong to find an animated girl who's half fish attractive?

  2. That is a LOT of Disney figurines.

    Yup, you have a small girl child, all right.

    Why is everyone but Jafar and Mickey looking in the same direction?

  3. Hey- I could use those for my prize box.......

  4. That is, surely, and Uprising of Biblical proportions.

    But, what I really want to know is - What in the Hell is Princess Jasmine doing to Prince what's his Name there in the top Left.

    I hope he's good and Liquored up.

  5. Prince Charming and Jasmin...hmmmm...

    Peace - Rene

  6. Ahahahaha at cIII's observation. He/She(?) makes a good point.

  7. Jafar is obviously on a rant that none of the others give a crap about except Ariel (who just wants him to take her home later)and Pluto (who just wants him to tell him where he set down his plate at this fete).

    Everyone else is in line at the bar on the far left...just out of frame.

  8. @Jan small girl child? You know those are his, right? He just lets the Wee Lass play with them now and then..

    You could have your own Disney character parade!

  9. Jasmine may be gunning for Charming but it looks like he's trying to make time with Gaston. What's up with that?
    My kid would trade me in immediately if she could get those figurines.

  10. You have just given me a brilliant TMI post idea...that shelf full of objects await!

    I agree with the mermaid attraction...to each his own I say...

  11. Um....yeah....

    I remember those days...Two girls in my life. Daughters who just loved to collect all the little Disney characters and movies too! OH BOY!!

    (Hey Irish!!! Long time no hear!!!)

  12. Something about that makes me feel...OH HEY CHERRY SCHNAPPS!!!
    Whaddya mean "distracted"???

  13. I'm with VM - could use that in my classroom prize box.

  14. I was steeling myself to feel 'skeered' as I read your heading.
    Life is filled with contradictions ...
    June in Oz

  15. Captain: I never did like Jafar, and skeevy was just the word i was looking for!

    Mo: Maybe. Could be. I'll nether confirm nor deny...

    Jan: Spot on madam. See also Wendy's comment.

    VM: Wee Lass would be very upset if you took "her" figurines...

    cIII: There was a lot of thee's and thou's..and yes, he was hittin' the bottle pretty hard.

    NTR: What? They make a nice couple...:)

    T: He's a he. :)

    Wendy: You is smart. How'd you know?

    CPM: SHHHH! You'll blow my manly cover! Or something like that...eep...

    SK: Wee Lass has tried the trade thing, but I'm bigger and faster than she is :)

    Chef E: Hey, he's not so weird. Lots of guys like fish.

    BEW: We are drowning in characters... and hey, yourself!

    Braja: You and Wendy, always with the liquor...pour me a shot, would ya? :)

    OAM:You would have to deal with the wrath of Wee Lass :)

    June: Its okay, just a little Thursday night weirdness.

  16. I'm skeered too! I think someone's going to get trampled!

  17. Why is almost everybody facing the other direction? Are they camera shy? Only Jafar and Mickey are full frontal. What's happening that's got everybody's attention?

  18. It would be so cool to have JUST the villains (which now, unfortunately, must include Princess Jasmine.)


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