19 April 2009

Running for My Life, Occasionally Colliding with a Lamppost

Lately, I have been running full tilt through life, much too fast to really comprehend anything, much less enjoy it. My interactions with the World Beyond My Shoulders have been limited to a quick dip in the daily newsrag whilst noisily gulping down my breakfast, and the little tidbits I manage to sop up from the radio news that I sporadically hear on my daily commute, i.e. between wishing for them to "play music!" and hollering at the idiots, er, fellow drivers surrounding me on the road.

A lot of what I do hear tends to bounce off; to paraphrase from "Raising Arizona" my brain "is a rocky place, in which the ideas could find no purchase". This is because a lot of what I hear is Bad News on a Global Scale, or Mayhem and Murder on a Local Scale. I reckon at least some of that universal white noise does have some relevance to my poor self, but in reality my headbone and my heart are exhausted and full. Too much swirling around me on a personal level to get lost in the details of messes I did not create, and cannot solve.

In the rare moments that I have a convergence of Time and Energy to concern myself with extracranial matters, I sometimes afford myself the luxury of catching up with What I Have Been Missing in the blogosphere. I know I will find something to make me laugh, or make me cry or shore up some sagging spirits. And sometimes, I read something that does all three. I ran into a lamppost, and it made me stop.

Today, the stars and planets aligned. I laughed. I cried. I felt the cloud lift a little.

Go here: 4/18/09. Read it. Beauty, ice cream and a happy ending. It's all good.


  1. on my way. (With a little stop to say hello....)

  2. Now that is some good news. Two of mine are out getting ice cream with some friends so I can nap (catch up on blogs). Glad you're keeping busy. The world will wait my friend.

  3. Alright, I'm going. But you still owe me a beer.

  4. Slow down so at least the lamp post will only leave a small lump...

  5. That was a wonderfully sweet post - I'm glad you linked to it.

    It's always so good to see you here and there, my friend.

  6. Thanks for the recommendation, it was a beautiful post.

  7. Really nice. Thanks for sharing. Take care and don't go full tilt boogie for too long.

  8. Sounds like Sir has had a complete headfull of the complete bullshit we're asked to respect. It is crap, make no mistake. It's a shit festival of ignorance that anyone with taste can only ignore. Or piss on.

    Your choice. And wisely phrased, if I may say.

  9. "I ran into a lamppost, and it made me stop." A particularly good one.

  10. Hey there again. I have an award for you over at my place.

  11. i will go read it in a minute, but i just want to say, with all the chaos and murder and drama and sturm and whirling dervish that is Life, I, too, cannot seem to find purchase. Getting the world diffused through the blogs I follow, and through status updates in Facebook may be a cop out (according to my father), but for me, it is a little saner, perhaps less vicious, even if sometimes distilled, and slanted..but always with a personal connection from the person writing the blog...I'd rather hear about something and the way it is affecting a person I "know," through their blog....and IG, I really love reading your thoughts. You have such a VOICE...now off to read the recommendation


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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