27 April 2009

Holy Word Processor, Batman! I've Been Awardified!*

I certainly like this kind of rain...

I have the honor of another award, this time from onlyamovie. This one is the "Noblesse Oblige" award, and I must say I was very flattered to have received it. And a little befuddled after I read the criteria for the award: I thought to myself, "You sure you are talking about my blog?". But I double checked, and yup, she was talking about me. Gulp.

Thank You!

If I wasn't so tired and scatterbrained I would lay upon you the Rules, but it is better if you pay her a visit, and check out the other lucky bloggers she awardified. Also take a peek at the profile: one of the coolest occupations I yet seen posted!

*Special thanks to Heinous for 'awardified'...We miss you, man.


  1. IG, from what I hear, you deserve it. (You certainly have a lot of fans!)

  2. congrats on the award.I really enjoy seeing Maxhead room as you picture.

  3. Seems only fitting considering the fine writing you turn out over here. ;-)

  4. Well, congratulations!

    I've been awardified several times lately too - I need to do something about it. But I keep getting distracted.

    Oh, look - a bunny is in my back yard!

  5. Should I have dressed up? Where's my gown??

  6. Congratulations Irish. Well at least you can hang onto this one and present it to someone worthy. I read the criteria and I don't think I quite fit. Remove a few of them, or change them I might— just don't think I foster anything except a good read.

  7. I miss Heinous, too.
    Oh, and congrats.


  8. Another one? You're like James Cameron at the Oscars the year he made Titanic. Only your blog is way better than something with a Celine Dion song as it's soundtrack. I think yours is more a Pouges meets Leonard Cohen type of sountrack.

    Anyway, congrats!

  9. yay! congrats on the award. and I miss heinous too :(

  10. Congratulations you feckin' lucky bastard.

  11. You've, ahem, been awardified again. If you'll just step on over to my place...

  12. I've finally made it back over here to read what I've missed lately...

    You've still got it Irish!!!

    And you so deserve the awards...you are a great writer...

  13. Awards that you well deserve IG, keep the good stuff coming !!

  14. many many congrats dear friend!! i have missed you and my big bro heinous very much!

  15. Will there be an award ceremony with Russell Brand doing the master of ceremonies thing?


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