14 July 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Dude, Where's My Car? Edition

Go on. Take it. You know you want one. It's Random Tuesday Thought, yo! Grab it and go!

BUT HE MEANS IT IN THE BEST POSSIBLE SENSE OF THE WORD: You want to read something funny? My vote for the best Blog Post Title of the Year, read it here. Funny title, good article. And, no, I am not related to the author, although he is a friend and former neighbor.

I DO NEED IT, BUT NOT REALLY IN THE WAY THEY MEAN IT: Again with the random targeted ads. This stuff is comedy gold, I tell ya! There it was, floating in my sidebar:

"Need Cleavage Coverage? Make an impression with your resume not your cleavage. We can help!"

Okay, that's just a big, fat softball waiting to be hit out of the park. I'll start: "Pardon me, miss, can I make an impression OF your cleavage?" You guys, feel free to add your own joke...

A STUPID GAG THAT STILL MAKES ME LAUGH: This giraffe walks into a bar and says "The high balls are on me!" Now that's comedy!

ITS TOO BAD YOU CAN'T MARRY A SANDWICH (ALTHOUGH LEGISLATION MAY BE IN THE WORKS): I'm always on the lookout for new things to meet and eat (make your own pun there), so it was with great interest and perhaps a little lust that my "foodar"* went off like a cheap fireworks display when my blogging buddy cIII let slip in conversation the knowledge of the Hot Brown Sandwich. Bacon, turkey, Mornay sauce and tomato on toast. I likes me a good sandwich, and if visiting with The Goat and Tater Man hisself wasn't reason enough to visit the great state of Kentucky, the Hot Brown sounds like it runs a close second.

Kentucky, here I come...

WHAT ARE WORDS FOR, IF NOT TO MYSTIFY AND BEFUDDLE: I have been working on an informal project as of late, trying to identify words that I really like, that really appeal to me. When I first started, I got all tangled up in trying to define the criteria by which I could decide why really like them. But that became too hard to do, too much work, too much angst over what should be a pleasant task. So I threw all that out the window, and wrote down the first word that popped into my head. That word? "Boing". Just that: boing. BoingBoingBoing. BOING! Not even a real word, but there you have it. Try using it in a business conversation today!
TURN THE HEAT ON AND SEE WHAT SHE SAYS: Over the weekend, the Wee Lass and I were timekillin' by watching some mindspooge on TV, SpongeBob or something similar. I looked out the window and said "Hey, it's a real nice day, you wanna go to the playground?" To which she turned her withering gaze on me and replied "No, Daddy, are you kidding me? It's too hot to think!" The thermostat read 73 degrees. At 80 degrees, she would probably pass out!
Okay, whew, time to towel off now, go find my car. Happy Random Tuesday, everyone!

*Special thanks to Darby Conley for that little gem. Darby, please be a good sport and know that I only streal from the best. I'm not plagiarizing, I'm proselytizing!


  1. I make kick ass French Dip sandwiches. Just thought you should know.

  2. That sandwich sounds awesome. Sadly my own, made hastily at 6am, insult the rest of the sandwich race.

  3. I make kick ass sandwiches too. No brown bits though. (rapidly shaking head) Pure veg, my man, pure veg. The thought of which has Capt Dumbass shivering....

  4. Damn damn damn. Every time I come here I get Ian Dury and the Blockheads goin' thru my head....dammit, Irish, change the comment blurb :))))

  5. The giraffe joke will stay with me for a while. Good randomness, IG. :-)

  6. Are you old enough (or American enough and old enough) to remember "Gerald McBoing Boing

    Beat Spongebob easily...

    (Liz, "akimbo" is one of my favorites too)

  7. I shall get to Derby country for a hot brown and a mint julip before I croak.

    Ya really stuck your neck out with the giraffe joke, didn't ya? :)

    Please tell me your Haiku Hooplah gift package arrived. The other three pkgs I mailed the same day have reached their destinations. I don't wanna go postal at the postal if they did their job. LOL

  8. You're too much! I like Boing too but prolly because it is burned in my brain from the kids watching Gerald McBoingBoing!....As far as the 73 degrees being too hot for Wee Lass, send her my way for a while and she will see what too hot to think is...yeah, s.fla heat is not fun at all!

  9. Dear Mother of all that's Sweet and Holy! I will gladly drive to Kentucky to have some of that sandwich. And the giraffe joke? Beautiful. My oldest asked why I was laughing so hard. Guess I should wait a few years before explaining.

  10. Have to say, I love the giraffe joke.

    And I love me a good sanwich. Thanks IRish, now I know what to have for lunch...

  11. I'll smoke a Turkey and fry the bacon.

    And...I won't touch the Scotch until you get here. Pinky sear. (crosses fingers)

    As an aside.....A skeleton walks in to a Bar loks at the Bartender and demands a Beer. And a mop.


  12. HAH @ It's too hot to think. That wee lass is absolutely priceless!!! I LOFF HER!!!

    Favorite word you ask? (well you didn't but I'm a tellin' ya anyway) Surreptitious! Good and most excellent word that many in my tiny chat world mistake for superstitious. (morons, I swear!)


  13. crap. Now I need that sandwich

  14. What a kickass sandwich, Irish. Sounds and looks sinfully delicious. Especially the Mornay sauce. The only thing I might add would be a few jalapenos. :)

  15. Love your friend's blog. Love "boing". But what I'd really love is some of that sandwich!


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