03 July 2009

Room 201: A Grand Lunch, Two Beers and Kind Words

Well, a gorgeous day indeed here in Gumbostan, and I have been enjoying the luxury of a day off from work on this Fourth of July Eve, 2009. Out and about today for a walk around my favorite local park, then off to a tasty lunch at a local eatery. The results? See...

Tiny, I know, but I took it with my phone camera. On the plate are a slice of roasted sweet potato (plate right) and the peel from a slice of roasted sweet potato (plate left). The little dish in the middle left had some roasted garlic mashed with olive oil and herbs. The little basket in the middle held some breadsticks and slices of bread, the designated "dunkees" to be dunked in the garlic mash. And it was quite tasty, I must say. A perfect complement to the fresh mozzareela and tomato sandwich with pesto spread, which you don't see because it's in ma belly! The glass to the left held some iced tea with lemon. But not just any iced tea, as the receipt says:

In case you can't make that out, it says "The Iced Tea". Hmm. Is that like The Big Dog, or The Big Kahuna? So I must be special, 'cause I get The Iced Tea.

The sky was somewhat cloudy, but the breeze was blowing and the humidity was low and the temperature was just right for sitting outside and eatin' stuff. As I leaned back in the chair, full belly, drooping eyelids and fighting off the distraction of an impossibly cute hostess, I got to thinking about food. Specifically, about what I was going to eat, possibly, on Sunday. I was meditating on gumbo, thinking I might make a batch because I haven't had the opportunity in a while. I became sad. I missed my gumbo.

But then I brightened up. Gumbo! That reminded me of a recent bloggy acquaintance I had the good fortune to make. The scrumptious and busy! Angie Ledbetter at Gumbo Writer and I finally crossed paths when she dropped by Irish Gumbo and I stumbled onto her Haiku Hoopla contest this past week. Just on a lark, I gave the haiku a shot. Lo and behold, I WON! along with another lucky contestant.

Well, beyond the name, what does this have to do with food? you ask.

Ahh, see, this is the beauty of it. As a winner in the contest, Angie promised to send me a prize...and that prize may contain coffee, pralines and quite possibly GRITS. Hehheh, life is good, my friends, life is good...

Angie is also a co-managing editor of The Rose And Thorn literary e-zine. So please stop by Gumbo Writer and/or The Rose and Thorn, say hello, and tell Angie I sent you!

Epilogue: The two beers I had while making dinner and writing this post. Yum. And the Room 201 reference? Well, folks, last Thursday marked my 200th post since joining this here blogosphere. 200! Wow. I didn't think I would make it that far in a year! So that means that this is my 201st. See? (grin)


  1. Glad you had a great day, Gumby. Happy 201st. And have a fabulous holiday weekend. :-)

  2. So, uh...how was THE iced tea?

  3. congrats on passing 200! wait .. aren't you supposed to pass go and collect $200?

    congrats on the haiku win too. 'twas a loverly haiku .. I never could write them. I'm too ..erm .. wordy *grins*

  4. I will have to go check that out...not much writing going on here, but great food last night!

    I can see you writing a piece about being up there with the stars and strips tonight, but we all get a few blisters along the way down...hmmm

  5. The Iced Tea! Ta da! I have a problem, whenever I order iced tea, which is quite frequently cause I love the stuff, there is never enough ice. Maybe The Iced Tea had plenty? I'm fantasizing.

  6. Can't believe you didn't bump into Gumbo Writer before. . .

    Where ya been????

  7. Stephany: Cheers!

    OAM: Thank you. Hope your 4th is grand.

    Flutter: Well, you know, it was okay :)

    DC: Thank you on both counts. Now if I could just get that $200...

    Chef E: Great food? Do tell!

    EB: It had more ice than I knew what to do with :)

    Lizspin: One of those mysteries of the universe, but it's all good now!

  8. Nice. Will you share the gumbo recipe?

  9. Thanks for the sweet linky love. You deserved your win. Looks like you started your holiday weekend with a bang!

  10. Congrats on the win, congrats on the prize, and congrats on a meal well done. Couldn't have happened to a nicer fellow.

  11. Hey, congrats on winning the haiku and on your 201st post. And on getting some of THE iced tea at your table, delivered by an impossibly cute waitress. All in all a great weekend.


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