23 November 2009

Okay, But What Kind of Meat?

I went to a local museum last weekend with my Wee Lass, to attend a birthday party for two of her classmates. In the room reserved for the festivities, I saw this sign upon the wall:

Everyone is a specialist these days. I think I'll pick...baloney.

In other news, I have been selected for another award, for a Post-Of-The-Week honor from the one, the only, the lovely Comedy Goddess! Please stop by, drop some luv and let her know I sent you. Please. Plus, she has wine!


  1. I had actually already filed you (in my head) under 'baloney specialist'. Great minds think alike.

  2. I think real experts call it "bologna".

    Just sayin'....

    (NaNoWriMo is NOT going well, so I thought I'd leave my cave long enough to harass a few bloggers. Aren't you tickled that I picked you?)

  3. Well you know I'd pick bacon. I'm not a big fan of bologna though. ;)

  4. Bologna is nasty, bleh. Gimme Pastrami any day!

  5. Can I choose pulled pork? With barbecue sauce? On an onion roll?

    Sorry...it's lunch time.

  6. Meat expert? Hmmmm... anything but scrapple.

  7. Esskay is Pig Latin for Kess.

    Kess is another word for baloney.

    See you were right!

  8. Mmmmm...baloney and cheese on white bread with mustard. Haven't had that for years but that was a lunch staple all through high school.

  9. if meat is salvation, i shall rust in hell.....but I do like a modest portion of baloney every now and then, if it is phrased properly :-)

  10. I think my mind went where Captain Dumbass' mind went. Now I'm scared.


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