06 November 2009

No Wonder There Is An Epidemic Of Brushfires and Children Smoking...

 I was going to light some candles, but couldn't find a responsible adult.


  1. The funny thing is now that they have supposedly child-proofed lighters, I can't figure out how to use the damn things. Sorry. I'm no help here.

  2. My goodness. I could use that sign in my classroom. That second line I could print out on a business card and hand it out on the first day of school... I had some difficult parents this week. :-)

  3. Get some of those little battery operated thingys. Problem solved!

  4. Fine minds think alike. I have stoopid signage up today too. ;)

  5. Cute :)

    It's the same with the child proof caps on meds, there's never a child around when you need to open one.

  6. Yes, well...ahem. Uh, as a fellow non-responsible adult, I give you this anecdote.

    Oldest Son has always been a responsible, level headed person, even as a small child. It's simply the way he is made. So, when he was five or six (I'm thinking six), he asked for a candle in his room one night. Thinking he just wanted to watch it while he fell asleep, this naive mother put one on his dresser.

    Was she the most surprised person in the world when, 10 minutes later, her son came racing out of his room with a large, flaming stuffed Alvin the Chipmunk? Yes she was.

    20 years later, I am still amazed (and GRATEFUL) he didn't set himself and/or his bed on fire. But if he's ever had a candle in his room again, he put it there himself. As an adult.

  7. i'm a rebel .. I light them without proper supervision ;)

  8. dang...does this mean i have to stop smoking?

  9. I have actors trying to light candles on stage and they are having a hell of a time...maybe I should have cast a child instead of an adult???

  10. I have faith in your abilities Irish and say light those candles.

  11. I always have the hardest time using lighters! I'm not coordinated enough :(


  12. yeah. sucks.
    that's why i quit smoking.
    they're impossible to find.


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