18 April 2010


No matter all the effort
They regrow, sometimes overnight
After all the chopping and swearing
Bastard green leaves, thick ropes

Exhausted, too exhausted to think
Figure it out, find the center
Eternal vigilance: a necessity
and a curse, and a vampire

It's learning when to cut
When to let them go
Having the strength to prevent
succumbing to the vines

In the sunlight gleams my machete:
Her eyes, her heart, her love.


  1. When I was down in VA last fall, I took some beautiful shots of kudzo, felt her choking stance, and what a beautiful piece sir!

  2. Smile...if you are tired of the bastard green leaves and thick ropes.... I would suggest few sheep to do the work for you. Seriously, here in Tallahasee, someone got creative and brought sheep in to eat the kudzu. Amazing how it has become more managed.

    I am sorry. I know you were bringing your kudzu issue to a new level with poetry but, I could not resist telling you about the sheep.

    My words for thrashing through the crap (sorry) would have been less than poetic.
    Once again, I love the way you use words.

  3. Learning when to cut... really nice.

  4. Kudzu just comes back unless burnt and maybe even then it is hard to kill. Love can entwine too.

  5. Nice one Irish.


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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