25 May 2010

Controlled Experiment

Man in the mirror
is not Michael Jackson,
goddamnit, he sighs, no
thank God I'm not

or maybe...no, best avoid
that place, because being known,
while secretly desired,
scares him quite pale

Desolate dinner of chicken nuggets
he swore he would cut back,
but their gravity is too strong
and they take the blame

tonight, swallowing the last bit
of deep fried melancholy
the scientist acknowledged
a long-buried suspicion:

His life, a controlled experiment
in the hermetic womb of a mindlab
become killing jar of the soul,
would not survive contact with reality.


  1. " swallowing the last bit
    of deep fried melancholy "

    Oh I just love it .. wonderful .. You, sir, have a way with words ~

  2. So, I said the last time I secretly hate 'Star Trek'. Due to one of the movies '80's) scarring me for life via a leech sucking out someone's brain. (lol)

    Just had to stop here and say, "Cheers! to chicken nuggets for dinner!", though mine is probably worse!

  3. 'the scientist acknowledged
    a long-buried suspicion'

    I love that so much.

  4. there is just so much that i love about this and so much that makes me sad. i don't even know where to begin.

  5. Wel, we begin by opening the frozen food package, purchased in such a deep agony, that we are fooled by the product's claim. Wanting to be accepted as part of 'the real world', we stand in the market line, grossly aware of the significant purchase we are tranacting. Suddenly, aware of our surroundings........

  6. I feel the urge to cook for you, IG. I'd even wash my hands first.

  7. "swallowing the last bit
    of deep fried melancholy" -- I've been there before, too.

    You address universal concerns intimately. Bravo!

  8. How dare you say that a chicken nugget dinner is desolate. With a smattering of ketchup it is a feast my friend, a feast fit for a king.

  9. Too bad that deep fried melancholy is so tasty and so convenient.

  10. I have had those kind of desolate dinners before.


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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