29 July 2010

The Only Bargain That Matters

Taking a cue from Schmutzie's "Grace In Small Things", how about this: I was wandering a local branch of a well-known chain bookstore as I am wont to do when seeking free or low-cost entertainment ('cause that's how I roll sometimes), and what do I spy with my little eye? Behold:

Pretty cool, no? Well, to make it an even bigger jar o' awesomesauce, this tome was on the BARGAIN BOOK table. So I snagged it, for less than the cost of a burrito at Chipotle. Grace in small things, indeed!

This post dedicated to Dawn B., who reminded me of this book, a little while ago. Word!


  1. that's so funny, i've had 'lost in the supermarket' stuck in my head all day. great find!

  2. that is feckin' crackerjack of a find...
    This is radio clash, please save us, not the whales

  3. This is a public service announcement...

  4. Yeah, man, should I stay or should I go now? Love it.

    Noteworthy: It is very pink.

  5. We obviously shop in the same chains. I saw the same book just last week and gave it a good hard look ....

  6. Hell...yeah Irish!!!


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