16 May 2011

Adventure in the Metawebs

It is a long-held belief of mine that the internet is an exercise in recursion, a collective echo chamber with infinitely overlapping inputs.  To put it another way, its a never-ending Grand Canyon with an infinite number of people surrounding it and shouting into it to hear the words reflected back, gently fading.  No doubt this creates an environment where one can never be sure if one heard what one thought one heard.  Was it your voice? was it someone else?  Was is it a synergistic hybrid of who knows how many different voices?  In effect, much of what comes back is noise.  Noise, with a tinge of signal.

It is not all like this.  There are nuggets, gems cast up on the electronic shore like pearls among the gravel.  It will always be mathematically possible, if highly improbable, that something significant we cast off into the cybervoid will slowly make its way back to the home system.  Ladies and gentlemen, this has happened to me.

I have been quoted in an online magazine with some exposure.

What makes this weird (for me, at least) is that I was quoted from a comment I left on one of the articles some weeks ago.  So it wasn't from a direct question, or an interview or sound bite.  It was from an off-the-cuff leisure time activity of mine.

I received an email notifying me that I had been quoted, and thought it was spam.  Imagine my (mild) surprise when it turned out to be legit.  Imagine, little ol' me laid down some verbiage that someone felt noteworthy enough to quote in an article.  Strange and nice at the same time.

For those who are curious, here's the link:  THE GOOD MEN PROJECT.  My two cents is the fourth one down under responses.  I'd appreciate you giving it, and TGMP, a read; they have a good thing going.


  1. It's not at all surprising that something little ole' you wrote came back in form o'pearl. Your noise is carried upon a particularly sweet melody.

  2. Wow. This is great. Like the link and the response :)

  3. You never cease to amaze me Irish! If you weren't so far away I'd hug you and kiss you - all appropriately I may add ;-)

    Keep on being who you are, no judgments here - you are a wonderful father, friend, and man - screw what everyone else considers biologically correct - and CONGRATULATIONS!!! Can I have your autograph?

  4. It is great when something you write resonates with others and gets recognized. I think you are write about the internet. It is a reading experience unlike any other where after awhile it feels as if we are all part of some huge writing Borg, never sure who we are reading or who we are writing for. I do like the democratic nature of the internet. Any fool can start a blog. But it also nice when someone likes what you say, even when it is a comment -- and maybe brings you a bigger audience!

  5. my understanding of "women's liberation" back in the day (and now) is that it always was intended to free both genders from the restrictive roles we find ourselves in. I see in my daughter's generations and her friends, much equality between the sexes, co-ed baby showers, young fathers who realize the importance of taking a few weeks off from work to be with baby, too. All good news.

    Enjoyed your comment, Irish! Good on ya.

  6. Watch how much you expose yourself, some places are not meant to get sunburned :)

  7. Great quote. (Am'I the cowardly Lion?)I hope so.

  8. So funny, I had just finished reading the first paragraph or two when I thought, I hope he submits this as an article for publication somewhere, and lo and behold, you have been quoted and pub'd somewhere! I'll check out the link.

    P.S. I could still see this, with a new ending, appearing somewhere online. Just sayin', my man.

  9. Well done. :-)


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