07 February 2012

The Brownie Report

I mentioned brownies in my post on Sunday, February 5th.  Home made.  From scratch. Honest-to-goodness brownies, made with the assistance of my darling daughter.  She read the recipe out to me, in steps, and I put things together.  She was scary good on the reading.

This was the first time in over two years I have baked something, and my first attempt at a dessert item in perhaps ten years.  I am delighted to report that, with the exception of a tendency to fragility, the brownies we made are excellent.

She tells me that when she grows up, she wants to be a cupcake maker and a veterinarian.  I have no doubt that she could do very well at both endeavors.  One can do far worse than be a cupcake-making caregiver to animals, and I'm going to support her in making that come true.


  1. Congrats on the cocoa treats--and your little one sounds lovely! Anyone who wants to make cupcakes has a special soul, right?

  2. I hope you are bringing me one. :)

  3. where did the time go when i wanted to be a painter and a writer and a baker??? now its college, internships, degrees and cubicle desks.

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  5. Sounds good, dude! Cooking and baking is something that I have come to enjoy.

  6. Two years? But your profile says "cook". Or are you one of those people who makes the distinction between the two? Congrats on the brownies and your daughter is a lucky kid.


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