26 February 2012

Sunday Meditation #17: Seeds for the Soul

A burst of joy landed at the Gumbo homestead earlier in the week.  Spring is not far away, and that means it is time for seed catalogs. Huzzah!

A seed catalog may not match Victoria's Secret for le sexy stuff, but nonetheless I was thrilled to find the latest Burpee's homage to All Things Growable sitting in my mailbox.  It came at just the right time. The cover was graced with a brilliant full-color photo of a zinnia, resplendent in eye-popping yellow spattered with red. Neither of those two colors is my favorite but the combination filled me with a bit o' the happies.

I was feeling a bit melancholy.  The gorgeous flower was a nice hit of pretty and a reminder that spring is coming.  I didn't have the energy or time to plant a garden last year, and I don't know if I will this year.  I do know that I like flowers, and the idea of the seed.

Humble little packets of mystery that produce things of beauty, things of savor. A feast for the eyes, nose and mouth.  Sometimes all three if you plant the right stuff.  I would most like to have is a kitchen garden, full of good growing things that I can see, smell, touch and taste.  This is a quiet dream of mine.

I opened the mailbox, with a heart weighed down by care, and a piece of the sun fell into my hands. Spring is on the way, dear readers.  Choose your seeds, plant with care and let the green things revive us.


  1. "...and a piece of the sun fell into my hands."

    A perfect way to describe those heavenly, eagerly awaited seed catalogs. Better harbingers of Spring than snowdrops or primroses, with all those pages of color and hope and beauty.

  2. I love the way you see, Irish. I do.

  3. Irish, my friend, you gave me a much needed smile today when I saw the sun peeking out of your page. I love the way you look at the world sometimes :)

  4. I can't wait for spring. I need to feel the warmth of the sun on my bare skin. At the beach. Flowers or no.

  5. Doing that here for sure. I got the seeds, the grow lights, the green house, and the plant stands. I have hundreds of pots that are brimming with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash, herbs. I think that my eyes were bigger than my garden!


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