03 September 2012

Magpie Tales 133: Clubbin'

Summer Night, 1913, by Albert Bloch, via Magpie Tales

Bass through the walls
stiletto pinning his brain

through the crystal haze

Coughing crimson in the sink
choking on a younger man's tears
that oil hinges on his door to hell

Clenching a gravid vial of evil
Vitrine holding his soul in thrall
His hand unlocks, breaks the chain

Breath fogs the mirror, he squints
at the raven face smiling back,
mouthing the word "Nevermore"


  1. Sheesh! Heavy, man... but great Magpie.

  2. Just the way I like it: dark, painful and heavy. I love Bradbury and hence your ending!

  3. That second stanza is specially vivid....dark and ghostly words...A unique write on this surreal painting ~

  4. well i am getting flashbacks...smiles....nice layering...escape all you want but know it comes with a price....

  5. Love the comments that come before mine ... Sheesh is a great word! Yes, this is dark and heavy and I enjoyed it immensely.

  6. Am I bad because I couldn't get "first to the window,then to the wall" out of my head. Seriously, though this is pure Poe. And it's awesome. I'm tellin' the truth like L'il Jon...

  7. well done Mr Gumbo....thanks for sharing this

  8. Oh yes, never ever...nevermore! Lovely piece!

  9. I caught this stairway to heaven , with you Irish, the stiletto through the brain was my favorite inhabitant !

  10. Striking response to the prompt and a warning to any who might listen.

  11. Excellent conclusion...nice write Irish...

  12. I love that you connected these odd spirits to Poe. The shoe fits perfectly. Thank you for sharing, Irish!

  13. Wow some powerful imagery in this one Gumbo! Love it!! :-)


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Let the love in your heart take control..."

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