08 October 2012

Magpie Tales 138: Faith and Reason

Sick Woman, 1665, by Jan Steen, via Magpie Tales

No matter of faith
or inhaling miasmas
bar the door on demons

Nosegays block the stench,
laudanum the pains, good doctor,
holding my wrist a sufferance

Begone with your pomposities!
Away with your fineries!
While I wear mine into hell


  1. Wow. Some people are just awful when they're sick...

  2. She must be thinking this loudly- given her state-the sly smile says a lot !
    thanks for visiting.

  3. Wow Irish ,this Crone is inconsolable, it seems .

  4. Or beatic expression belies the vehemence in her head.
    Great use of dated language.

  5. What's in my heart at the minute is the realization that my keyboard is dyslexic. Not my fault, honest.
    For -Or- read -Her-.

  6. Oh, sometimes I feel like the entire medical establishment needs to hear this!
    Begone with your pomposities! That's my motto for the day. :o)

  7. Begone with your pomposities ~ if the medical bag fits ...

  8. One of my favorite poems of the day. This is excellent!

    I love these lines:

    "No matter of faith
    or inhaling miasmas"

    "laudanum the pains, good doctor"

    "Begone with your pomposities ... While I wear mine into hell" I have to memorize this. :)

  9. How brave to refuse pomposities... how vivid! You really nailed this..

  10. I love that word...pomposities! Great take on the photo prompt.

  11. You are a doctor of words dear sir. Wonderful capture of the photo!

  12. You have a way with words, Irish Gumbo and a flair for lively expression. I love this work and I thank you for sharing. =D

  13. Oh well done - that is one strong lady!

    Anna :o]


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Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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