03 August 2009

Pooh Sticks For One

I had dinner alone tonight, dear heart, as I do most nights. Alone, if you don’t count waitresses and busboys. I suppose I should count them for company, after all, many are friendly and nice to me, and what more could I ask?

Some asked about you, and I realized I missed you, terribly.

When I arrived home tonight, I wanted to go for a walk. The rains had stopped and the setting sun was nestling greenily amongst the trees lining the stream and path across the way. I knew what I was going to do.

Pooh Sticks, at the bridge, and I could daydream of your laugh…

A stream runs through us...

Except for the traffic noise, it was birdsongs and the murmur of water. I looked about for some sticks, and laughed to remember you scampering down the path, on the bank, looking for twigs and rocks and leaves. Your enthusiasm warms me up.

Cast into the stream, the echoes of “Look, daddy, look!”

I toss the first stick. My heart lands in the water, to recall your laugh.

So quickly, the twigs and leaves fall…

The stream was running a little high tonight, as were my thoughts of you, Wee Lass.

Pooh Stick gets away so quickly…

I closed my eyes, and for a moment, I could see you, hear you, and I felt so alone without you, your laughter and those rose window eyes. I stayed there on the bridge, and began to smile. Like the water flowing beneath my feet, this too shall pass. You and I will play Pooh Sticks, and grin like ‘possums under the canopy of trees.

It is not the same stream twice, but we share the water…


  1. Birdsongs, traffic noise, when I'm playing Pooh Sticks they are all the same.

  2. You're right - Pooh Sticks for one is no fun at all.

    You're a good man, Irish. Yes you are.

  3. A light bulb went on in my head this morning, reading this post. I've been, well, sort of preoccupied with other stuff. Started really reading your posts, backward. Now I get it.

  4. Disheartening realization that the separation from a spouse also separates you (at times) from your children.
    It's all you can do but to hold yourself back from watching them sleep all night on those days when you are together.

  5. i know you miss your wee lass but she will be there with you soon...remember the good times to hold you off as you are doing now

  6. When she gets older and reads this she will know how loved she was.

  7. Sigh. Guess I should let the boys out of 'time out' now.

  8. My daughter is away with her dad for two more weeks. She and I have our rainbow that connects the tow of us and we tune into it before going to sleep every night. It's our magic. It works for us.

    Blissings to you and your daughter!

  9. I meant "two" not tow, and I really did mean Blissings too.

  10. that was lovely.. I admit, it made me a bit heady to read it.. ;)

  11. That was great
    thank you for sharing

  12. hang in, Boss.

    thank you for the sharing. :-0


  13. A touching post and tribute. Thanks.


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