24 December 2009


For me, quite possibly the loneliest sound in the world...is the hum of the refrigerator...heard while standing at the counter, putting a glass in the sink...with the radio off...

...and realizing there is no one there to hear it with you.


  1. But if the refrigerator is full... well, at least that's something.

  2. Sometimes everyone else is in bed, wrapped in sleep and the house is so quiet you can almost feel it breath. The soft inhales and exhales of the others deep in slumber.....but yeah, sometimes not...and it is just you, the ice maker and the glass in your hand that is waiting to be your company for the evening...peace be with you....

  3. I like when it's silent enough to notice those sounds. But I hear what you're saying.

    Happy Christmas, Gumby. xo

  4. Or you could be like me before hearing aids and not realize the refrigerator made noises. Once I could hear, my boys had a hard time convincing me that it had always sounded that way.

    Merry Christmas! Drink something that requires ice cubes. And merriment.

  5. I agree with only a movie, it's nice to know that even in silence theres no real silence, but I get creeped out easily so any weird noises and I sprint to my bed! Hope you have a great holiday my friend!

  6. I say the same thing about the old clock that has a pendulum. Just the ticking as it swings.

  7. it's not only what you see, but how you see it
    uniquely gifted
    as, in turn, are your readers.

  8. If you listen very carefully at those times I'm pretty sure you'll be able to hear the ice cubes crying out in their own private loneliness... to be comforted with a thick blanket of Bailey's!

  9. Think of it this way, there are people all around the world that think of you that you've never even met. They are standing there with you even when you think they aren't. And some of us can even hear the refrigerator in our minds.


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Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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