04 June 2010

Hank Williams, Bongo and Me

Packing boxes with flotsam
and jetsam of another job gone south
phone rings like an angry bee
"He's had another one, calling the vet"

Steel guitar, mournful cry of lonesome
Last box goes in the car,
Professional dreams slumped over
in a passenger seat of sighs

Short goodbyes, shaking hands
and compliments with such flair
the hype was easy to swallow
Smiling and sinking in tandem

Out the door under a lowering sky
the melancholy cap pulled over furrowed brow
Wondering if its possible to write a song
Anymore, that isn't a bucket of sorrow

On the highway, screaming along to the radio
Filling up on another's artificial fuel
But inside, wondering if its possible
To write a country song without whiskey

Saying goodbye to an old friend
hands on the wheel, heart in the mouth
Knowing that its deep country
When everyday is just another parting

R.I.P. Bongo, our kitty with a 'tude. 20 years was a good run. May you find that spot in the sun.


  1. Oh Irish, you've had enough transitions for a while... the universe needs to give it a break for a bit. Sorry about the job. And the kitty. And stuff in general. Hope you have some sunshine this weekend.

  2. Losing a jub sucks,loosing your pet really sucks.Been there on both.Man Hug.

  3. Oh, poor Bongo .. poor you . I am sorry .. It sucks having pets sometimes, they bring joy but they don't live forever. .. dammit !
    And jobs.. well, I wish they brought joy ..
    I am sorry for your day of loss..
    muchas besos.. C

  4. This was a wonderful poem. Aren't all poems from the heart, no matter how heartbreaking they are?
    Jobs, man...write your book!!!!
    Sweet kitty...gigantic hugs!!!

  5. Loved this. My fave parts were:

    "in a passenger seat of sighs"

    and the last 2 lines. Poetry.

  6. You just can't catch a break. My condolences on the job and good ol' Bongo. Sounds like he had a good long life though. Here's hoping a new job that you love will come along.

  7. I think of all the animals, fish, turtles, rabbits and other oddities I have put to rest...

    Cats were the hardest, with Ane...

  8. Sending some positive honks your way Irish, I hope luck rides the sound to your doorstep. My condolences bro.

  9. God is surely walking with you on this crazy path. I wonder where it will lead, my friend.

    xx hugs to you....

  10. sending loads of hugs and good thoughts for you, sweet Irish. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, I'll hope that the meaning will become clear for you very, very soon.

  11. The kitty too? That's just not right.

  12. ... possible
    To write a country song without whiskey

    Not really. Tried it, and it didn't work. And for the kitty... Long May [He] Run.

  13. nothing poetic from me, just double fuck.

  14. Lovely words. It's hard when a dear old pet departs, isn't it? Had my last Boston for 16 years.

    Love the post title too.

  15. I hope you all find a place in the sun. Lovely, if somewhat sad, poem. I agree with Margins - I don't think it is possible without whiskey.


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