13 December 2010

The GoodFather Clause

Sometimes, nice things just arrive out of the blue, catching me completely by surprise.  Like this weekend, when I received a gift most cool, from this righteous dude, Jeff at GoodFatherBlog.  He took a shine to my post of last Saturday, "On Not Reading Books, Occasionally" and decided it warranted some recognition.  To wit, I am humbled and honored to be the first recipient of the GoodFatherBlog Seal of Approval:

I don't need no Good Housekeeping or UL Listing...I've got the GF seal!

Thank you, GoodFather!  Truly a great way to start off the week.  So please drop by Jeff's place (link above) and drop some luv.  Tell Jeff that Gumbo sent you, and that's gets you a digital coupon for 20% more good karma!


  1. aww you deserve it Gumbo...and a medal too, dammit!

  2. Thanks for the link! Whoa, I look good on your blog. ;)

  3. Wow, it does look good and what a nice thing to get!

  4. congratulations! I stopped by and left a comment on goodfather. Nice to get warm-fuzzies to start the week.

  5. Congrats, Irish! You deserve to be recognized for not only your writing but for being a great dad.


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Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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