26 February 2011

Music and Politics and a Sweet Ride

After watching our boy Richard Engel in Iraq, then Egypt (see above) and now Libya, I have to say I'm very impressed.  Boy's got stones, he does.

But maybe its fatigue settling in, me feeling a bit punchy...but I saw the original newscast of the happenings in that video, and watched the video tonight, and both times I had the same thought:

Wouldn't it have been hilarious if, in the background, a tricked-out Impala low rider drove by, blaring an Arabic-language version of "F**k Tha Police"?

Yep.  I'm tired.


  1. Hahahhahhhhhhaaaaaahahaha

  2. LOL... and yes, he does have g(n)uts to be there during the riots. I've always marveled at reporters who like to live on the edge and in the misty shades of terror. Of course, in the same breath, I've wondered if they're nuts.


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