06 December 2011

Magpie Tales 94: Meal Ticket

 Image courtesy of Tess at Magpie Tales

Before his eyes fogged over
Before his skull cracked the glass
Ed G. Spivey thought one last time
how much he hated the lights

Another grey sandwich served up
Banality between slices of ennui
crouched on the plate, expiring
between stale coffee and cheap talk

Ed G. Spivey bit into a life gone wrong
Spat it out under the greenish glare
of humming fluorescence, bursting vessels
laying him down in a corporate coffin

Lettuce boutonnière, tomato cravat
lights dimmed by the faceless hovering hive
Ed G. Spivey smiled, his last thought,
No more will I eat here again...


  1. Oh, this is such great writing. Every line a winner!

  2. There it is!! *happy dance* It's a great piece.

  3. Stale coffee and cheap talk ... made for each other. Wonderful writing .. I enjoyed this!

  4. You seem to have regained your flow, tremendous stuff, keep it up

  5. WONDERFUL! You have created an awesome Magpie.

  6. Go to the top of the class for this one! :)

  7. I couldn't get past Spivey...a family name in my genealogical line...nice write...


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