22 April 2013

Spillin' It to the Page

Huzzah and hoo-raaah, ladies and gentlemen! Lend me your eyes and dig this:

I have become a published author, it seems. An essay of mine has landed on The Good Men Project, an online idea-based, social platform and media company. I have been following them almost from their start on the web, and I finally overcame inertia and fear to submit to them something I wrote.

They liked it. They decided to run it. This makes me glad.

The essay I submitted is a revised version of a post I did here on Irish Gumbo, in the summer of 2012. The idea never really left my head, so I polished, updated and tweaked, and there it went! If you would so kind as to pay us a visit, show us all some love at Salaryman in the Mist: Finding Self-worth in the New Great Depression. I would honored if you did, and thank you for keeping me inspired to write!


  1. IG, I'm very sure that you are a fantastic architect. Through your writing I've thought that your personality lends itself to being the best you can be at whatever you do.

    A door closes. A window opens. If your writing is secondary in any way to your architecture, you must be a top-notch architect, because your writing is something that truly touches people.

    Great article! It's a wonderful piece that showcases your ability to WRITE! I want the novel!!!

    1. Hi, Shabby Girl! Thank you so much for those very generous, kind comments. Made me feel good!

  2. So, so great, Irish, not only for the writing, but in stepping out there and submitting the essay!! Totally cool...

    Oh, and congratulations on the publishing part... ;D

    1. Felt good to 'break the duck', as the saying goes. Thank you!

  3. It took them long enough !! I have been reading your blog, stories and I have always thought you should be published often !
    Congratulations sweetie, you deserve to become rich and famous and rich :D
    besitos ! C


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