06 November 2008

A Bowl Of Ice Cream

At 5:00, the (metaphorical) whistle blew and I was out of my office chair like I was strapped to a rocket. Too bad my car doesn't have the Batmobile roof (ouch!), otherwise I would have been outta there even faster. What had me in such a hurry, other than the numbing tedium I'm experiencing lately?

Ice cream. A bowl of ice cream. I drove home at sub-batouttahell speeds for the sheer sake of ice cream. The craving doesn't happen often, but when it strikes...

Hey, everyone! Treat yourself to some ice cream tonight! We've earned it! I'm having chocolate and vanilla, my favorite combination. Tasty...Mmm!

(I borrowed the ice cream from haagendazs; please don't sue me!)

1 comment:

  1. Not fair! We don't have any ice cream, and now I MUST have some. Damn.


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-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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