03 November 2008

I'm Voting For The Irish Guy. No, No, the Black One.

“Vote Irish. Vote O’bama.”
-seen on a bumper sticker near home

Finally, a great reason to vote! An Irishman is running. No, not the McWhatever guy. THAT one. The greatest chance since JFK to get a true son of Ye Auld Sod in what is arguably the most powerful position on the planet! Rejoice, Hibernian-Americans, rejoice!

What? He’s not Irish? He’s Kenyan-American, or something like it?

Well, f**k me! I guess I’ll have to vote for him because he is the right man for the job! Articulate, composed, well-educated, charismatic, intelligent, and seems to have a genuine feel for the complexities that he would face as President of the United States. A man who thinks with his BRAIN and not with his GUT. A man who is willing to admit he does not have all the answers and remains calm under pressure. A man who sees more value in “Let’s pull together to solve some problems” than in “Exclude those who don’t agree.” A man who does not believe I reside in a different country, an “unreal” country, because I may not agree with his point of view in all cases.

I cannot, I will not, vote for someone who insults my intelligence, exhibits poor judgment, acts according to the way they want things to be rather than the way they are, seems more interested in maintaining power than effective governance, and cannot see that real change is needed. John McCain has done all that, and acts like no one has noticed.

Barack Obama is not Superman or Jesus Christ; John McCain is neither the Antichrist or a fool. But we desperately need change. Voting for John McCain, in my opinion, is voting for pretty much the way things are and have been for the past eight years. Enough is enough. This country has had its fill of a ‘cowboy’ President and a ‘pit-bull’ Vice-President; changing hats or dying your fur is not going to cut it for the next four years. Voting for the Republican ticket this Presidential election is like voting to keep hitting yourself in the head with a hammer. The only redeeming thing about hitting yourself with a hammer is how good it feels when you stop.

I’m smart enough to not keep hitting myself with a hammer. I’m voting for the black Irish guy.

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