02 August 2009

Sunday Contest: Caption That Stupid Picture, Fourth Edition

Holy crap, do you smell that? (sniff, sniff)

Could it be?

Yes, yes, it is! Looky there! Why it's the return of the STUPID PICTURE CAPTION CONTEST! Can I get a woot?!

More Pics @ MySpaceAntics.com

Okay, maybe I didn't need that kind of woot...eeep...and that is not the picture I want you folks to caption for me. This is the one:

Scenes from a nature walk. Beer cans in their natural habitat...

It has been about seven months, seven months! since the last contest, can you believe that? I'm flabbergasted! How can that be?

...uh, mainly because I'm lazy, sometimes. Sheesh. So, a refresher for the rules is in order. Wait, rules? Did I say rules? Whaaa....? Really, all you need to do is leave your caption in the comments, I'll let them pile up for a few days and then, like compost, I'll turn them over when they are ready. Whoever can make me bellylaugh, snort, spittake or otherwise guffaw will be the winner. Prize is the respect and adulation of the Blogspot Chorale Society. And maybe a badge, if I can get off my duff and make one up.

Start casting them lines, people, there's fish to catch!

And, Charmaine? You can stop wagging that finger at me now...your wish is my command (grin).

Special thanks to MySpaceAntics.com for the woot pic. I'm going to wash my eyeballs, now.


  1. Nature produces some ugly things, but beer usually fixes it.

    (Funny how I was thinking about what happened to your picture caption contests just the other day! yay for their return!)

  2. Organic ginger snaps and beer... Breakfast of Champions.

  3. Thank God we didn't have to try for the creepy dude with the kiddie toys!

  4. Happy trails?

    PS Speaking of blog blingage, you have some awaiting you at my place. :)

  5. The promise is that eventually this trash will disintegrate. Eventually.

  6. Use these two nutritious items and YES you too can look like the "WOOT YOU GO" dude in the above picture...Sandpail Bra, Ear shovels,Waterwings and sea goggles sold separately. ACT NOW and get your Private Parts Paper Plate FREE !!!!!!!!!

    ...OK, if I don't win...can I get a complimentary can of spam ??

  7. In entertainment news, Sasquatch announced that he would no longer serve as the face for Jack Links Jerky after rejecting their contract extension for the popular "Messin' with Sasquatch" TV commercials. When asked to comment, the popular woodland legend grunted that he wanted to work with companies promoting a more environmentally responsible message.

    Caption post are fun. Thanks for brining it back.

  8. BTW, if you did want a caption for that troubling first picture...

    ...Die-hard Madonna fan, Richard Jakowski, emerges from the Dollar Store before attending the pop-star's concert in nearby Naperville, Illinois.

  9. I was going to say,Silly man to the rescue.Now I need to go wash my eyeballs as well.

  10. Here's the winning entry...

    "Now, after planting the ginger snaps and marking the row, carefully water them..."

  11. The POTUS may have had a Bud Light, but he snuck in a lefty snack to go with it. Chester Cheeto is not pleased.

  12. only a movie just made me howl!

  13. After collecting the artifacts unearthed, it became painfully obvious to all who had participated in the dig, they had wasted their time.

  14. For those days when nature's promise just doesn't cut it....


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