10 October 2009

Corona Borealis, My Heart

Hers is a mind that knows nothing of spreadsheets and billables and contracts. As I stood there watching corn silk hair waft about in the wind, I told myself this is as it should be.

A mind like the second coming of the Hope Diamond, sharp, brilliant and captivating. Me, I felt dull and lifeless next to her. Picture a comet on the outbound swing of its trajectory. Time and distance pile up and the sphere of ice and rock grows colder and dimmer, the glory of its tail fading into the intergalactic black. The comet is servant to gravity, and the sun doesn’t know its own strength. It gazes upon those who orbit with the wonder of a child, fascinated and reaching out with invisible arms to pull them in.

Just like me, that sunny fall day in a small patch of pumpkins. She carries her treasure, confident it is the finest in the field, and I cannot refute her claim. The sun clutches the orangey globe, a solar presence writ in miniature.

The wind kicks up, hay and leaves awhirl around the shining brow of my queen. She turns to me with that megawatt smile, her eyes wide open and gazing at me. My heart leaps, the Universe unfolds around me as her gravity pulls me in. I dive headfirst into an azure sky studded with diamonds. She laughs as a crown of light rises from her brow, into the blue…

…My God, she’s full of stars…


  1. Wow. Your way with words would keep you from ever spending time in the dog house!

  2. Yeah,kids are pretty cute sometimes. . .

  3. I would give my left tit to be able to describe something this beautifully.

    I hope you're saving copies of these for the day she turns 14 and forgets she ever liked you.

  4. I thought this was going to be about beer.

    Awesome nonetheless.

  5. When you were here before
    Couldn't look you in the eye
    You're just like an angel
    Your skin makes me cry
    You float like a feather
    In a beautiful world
    And I wish I was special
    You're so fuckin special...

  6. Wonderful prose. As always (I am incredibly jealous and in awe). Of course, you will have to clean out that pumpkin, you know, and carve it. But it will be a labor of love, won't it?

  7. That little girl has got you good and whipped.

  8. So happy to see you writing regularly again :)

  9. A stunning use of words as always Irish...

  10. What a lovely writing!!! Amazing as per usual!


  11. see my little pinkie finger sticking up from my otherwise fisted hand? Now, imagine the index finger of my OTHER hand drawing imaginary circles around the outstretched pinkie finger - dude that is where she has you - wrapped tight around her finger, where she wants you (and where apparently you adore being). Lovely images...thank you!


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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