08 October 2009

Wetware Filter: Skipping Stones On The River of Knowledge

The humor, to me, is obvious. This is not at all what I was supposed to write. Ha. You laugh, too, I can tell.

You see, what I was supposed to be writing was a third draft of another report for my job. It’s a worthy report, for a good client, with some interesting work to be done. I even e-mailed the draft to my home address, to whittle away on it after I stuffed some calories down my neck.

But it didn’t turn out that way. My heart whispered in the ear of my subconscious, and the two conspired to make the meat suit that is my body move in a different direction. Fatigue, hunger and the drive home became a drawn-out smear of rebellion against the long days I have already put in, with no more tolerance for the “have to do” and maintenance tasks.I was tired to the point of being weepy, almost. And so hungry I didn’t feel like cooking.

So it was that I found myself turning off the high road home and onto the low road ending in the dodgy embrace of a nearby purveyor of fast food, the golden brown and delicious crispy variety. I was too tired and hungry to be ashamed. Raw need and impatience created the Prime Directive my jittery mind could not ignore. To my credit, I exchanged the fries for a green side salad. The fast food equivalent of one or two Hail Marys and an Ave Maria.

Sitting at the table, chewing slowly and steadily while gazing with bovine lassitude at the surge of suburban life lapping at the service counter, my wetware performed a ‘count zero interrupt’. My brain decremented to zero, the grey matter quietly rebelling against the straitjacketed evening I had originally planned.

There would be no rewrites. No text edits. No rephrasing, no cutting and pasting of dry ideas and cost estimates. No, not now.

Instead, I ended up in the bookstore, i.e. ‘harem for the mind’. Ahh, books…I even had a vague plan to buy a specific book, but…but…they are all so pretty behind their brightly colored veils. I dallied, I lingered, exchanging sly glances and knowing looks with pretties of all stripes and shapes and bright colors. But even the king has to make up his mind as to his concubine…

This, dear readers, is what I came home with:

Tell me, O rapt ones, what does this say about me? What, oh, what was I thinking? I ask, because I confess that I do not know, only that there was a gossamer thread I followed in my mind…


  1. I don't know what's going on in your head but if they prescribe Ritalin, don't take it!

  2. There is a DaVinvi exhibit at the Sciene Center this month...just sayin'


  3. It says you're going to be very, very busy.

  4. That is going to be one badass tat?...

    A cool black and white photo essay of your experience at the tattoo parlor would be awesome.

    The DaVinci book is a gift...

    just guessing here :)

    Peace - Rene

  5. Ah, bookstores. Don't get me started. How did you put it? Harem of the mind. I think all the senses are involved though, especially since they've gone and added a coffee house in most locations. Tactile, active, sensory...heaven.

    Enjoy. Now I want to go. Maybe tonight.

  6. my guess is that you are going to HELP me track down my chinese stalker, take a picture of him in a compromising position, and send it to Leonardo DiCaprio.

    Am I RIGHT???

  7. oh, and the picture will be black and white. With grease stains on it.

  8. Just leave em in the mail box as you finish em. I'll be by...

  9. Count zero interrupt? I think I need one of those right about now.

  10. I love taking my daughter to a book store. The browsing, the wishing, the wanting, the choosing out of thousands of books...
    The smell of one with a little coffee shop in the background, OOO-LA LA!!!

    But, what was going on in that mind of yours?? lol

  11. Your spiritual hunger for knowledge suppressed your physical hunger for fried food. And you require variety to feel full.

  12. I could have done without the Chinese Calligraphy, simply because I have no patience for it, I know ~ I've tried. The photog and Leo's books look VERY interesting though.

    I know when I go into the heaven that is the local bookstore ... I get all giddy about the little 'gifts' and 'whatnots' laying around as I do the books. In addition ... I'm nearly always drawn to the spiritual/religious section.

    Do you have a change of season where you live? (like vibrant fall colored trees that make you want to whip out your camera and take super fabu shots?) I do ... and I basically feel like I should be out snapping away and the splendor of the changes.

    *end ramble*


  13. if this is where you go when you eat fast food, i may have to reconsider my ways....a little grease in ya and you get all inspired....hmmmm pass the french fries


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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