14 October 2009

'This Is A Public Service Announcement....with guitarrr!'*

Well, okay, maybe not a guitar, but while you are here, do us a favor, luv, and check this out:

Angie Ledbetter a.k.a. Gumbo Writer, and Kat Magendie, the lurvely ladies behind the Rose & Thorn literary journal, are having an open house on October 15th, in celebration of their new (and hard worked) renovations of the aforementioned journal! It's open house time!

Now, I don't know about you, but when lovely Southern belles** extend a gracious invitation, I find it very difficult to turn it down. So please, tomorrow, click on the link above, see the new digs and tell them I sent you. I'm sure they would love to have you over. Plenty of appetizers and an open bar, I've heard!

*Know what  that is from? Do ya? Huh? Do ya?
**I confess; I suppose I'm just a sucker for lovely belles of any geographic persuasion. Sigh.


  1. Nothing like a little Combat Rock to make me feel old... sigh. Hope to have time to check the links today. :-)

  2. LOL and thank you kindly for the PSA. What a gentleman!

    Oh.....and MORE COWBELL please! :D

  3. What the hell. I'll give it a shot. :-)


  4. You know, belles of every geographic persuasion respond to a gentleman...

    Since you asked so nicely, how could I possibly refuse you?

  5. You are talking about my dear fellow Cajuns and I second the invitation. Thanks for spreading the word. I heard that they might even serve some gumbo at this event!


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