02 December 2009

Miles Away From Here

Seriously? I don't know what has gotten into me.

No, no...more like I don't know what hasn't gotten into me. Wait, I do know what hasn't gotten into me: inspiration. This is strange considering I am surrounded by inspiration.

You see, my mind has been pulled all over the place lately. Somehow I ended up being busier than ever with Real Life, and Real Life has a tendency to get all up in my grill. My brain feels like a big blob of mercury that has been smacked with a croquet mallet. You know what happens when you smash a ball of mercury? That's right, my lovelies, you get lots of tiny balls of mercury all over the place, and a big mess that is hard to clean up. Not to mention slightly toxic.

So I am sitting here, in a funk, listening to Miles Davis play "Generique" on the stereo. A recent discovery of mine, courtesy of a friend, that piece of music is quite possibly one of the best instrumentals I have ever heard. I'm far from an expert on jazz, but Miles kills on this track. Cool beyond words...

...and that, my friends, brings me to now. I sit here at the table, wishing the words would come to relieve the pressure in my head that has built up all day...I keep picking up a pen, but the story won't gel...

I may never play jazz, but that sound, that tone...the trumpet blows cool and sleek, and I lay down my pen. Better to not force the notes if the music ain't there, everyone will be able to tell. I envy Miles Davis, tonight. I bask in the brassy blueness seeping from the speakers, and give myself up to the ministrations of a master.

Sometimes, doing nothing is the best thing to do. The music will take care of itself.


  1. Yeah, why worry about PRODUCING something from the music? It's like this desire to make the feelings and thoughts tangible, to secure them in word.....just take it in...

  2. You said "all up in my grill." ha ha You Wangster!

  3. You know when you have all those itty bitty little pieces of mercury all over the place, if you nudge them a bit in the right direction they all come back together in one big blob. It just takes awhile, depending on the size of the original blog. Yours is pretty big.

  4. Original BLOB.

    Sheesh. Well, you know what I mean.

  5. I think the mute on Miles' trumpet can pull mercury back together. Remember the bad guy in the seond terminator flick? like that, only fewer weapons.

  6. Enjoy the tunes...

    I like it when I can just relax and my brain turns off in a way, the sounds of 'busy', and 'real world' mercury go out for a night on the town while I lay back and ooze into my chair or let the music guide me to its favorite space...

  7. Ooh, I have felt like that for the last month. Vivaldi gels my mercury, usually. If you get a chance, come by and read my new post. I need a man's opinion on something. Thanks....

  8. My friend, I could have written this myself, just not as well. Life is definitely in my grill and hampering my pen.

  9. sometimes you need to do nothing so that you can do something, anything.

  10. Don't push the river. It flows by itself. :)

  11. I feel your pain, Irish. I'm not feeling it lately and have no one to blame...

    Dammit. We need to find someone to blame.


  12. We all go through it. It takes more than inspiration, I think. It takes a purpose sometimes to get started again.

  13. Eek, a blob of mercury is about as easy to put back together as a blob of jello. Hang in there.

  14. You know ... I've been following you for months now and find that there's usually something new to read around here, even when you do have writers block. It's a bit disgusting is what it is!!! I never have ANYTHING TO SAY!!! Ha ha ha! Blobs of Mercury are fun to toss at one's siblings. Fun for a girl and a boy!!!

    Blessings oh blocked one!

  15. I have plenty of days where I don't feel up to posting anything. So I end up putting up the muppets playing Bohemian Rhapsody.

    I've been getting lots of advice on this as I wax on about not being motivated to write. They keep telling me to only write if I feel like writing.

    So I pass others advice on to you. If the mood strikes then do, if it doesn't then don't.


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