08 August 2010

Broken String

Clash played on the stereo,
teenage wreck party long ago.
He sat, girl in lap, laughing
as I mouthed the words.

Coolness was his light,
Basking in it, my lot.
Heard him saying
"That's my brother"

Affection just made it
through the buzz blanket
wrapped around my head:
In that moment, I belonged.

Clash on the stereo tonight
all guitars and sneers
and me mouthing the words
to his picture in my head

No beer tonight, too pathetic,
Besides I want the clear memory
of him unvarnished, unaltered,
of that guitar in his hands

Mouthing the words again,
theater of the mind lit
by his crooked grin and
woodpecker laugh.

I know the songs,
"Know Your Rights" with guitar!
and by all rights, my brother,
you should be here

Touched by madness,
Loved by gods and mortals,
a vibrant broken string
uncoils in my heart.

In memory of my Big Bro.


  1. You know he's still saying it Kevin...."that's my brother"

    He sees you shine, now.
    Sing out loud. You know the words.


  2. A wonderful tribute to your brother.

    Do you have a woodpecker laugh too? Sometimes brothers have the same laugh.


  3. This is such a beautiful snapshot...

  4. Very cool. I love this. It speaks volumes about your love for him, and you express it so beautifully.

    Reminds me of my sister, now gone, who was a singer in a band. She shined on stage and would always point me out to people, "That's my sister, Kimmie." :-( Sometimes she would say, That's my OLDER sister, Kimmie, and then she'd get in trouble...

    I miss her all the time.

  5. That rock'n'roll string....still played with all the passion in the world. He's inspired you to write so many a great piece..

  6. Loved this. Was right there with you. Sorry that he was not.

  7. I know that you miss him. Wish that he was still with you.


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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