31 August 2010

Summer's End

The end is always a little surprising, and a little expected.  Mostly its wanting it to be over but not having the energy to care, to get riled up.  Which is good.  Maybe.

It's like a Sunday of 31 days.

It's that sensation of waking up with a hand on the car door handle, and not comprehending if you are getting in or getting out...with no recollection of where you have been.

Me?  I'm not sure.  I'm standing in the middle of a sun-baked meadow, wishing the treeline was closer.

No.  That isn't it.  I'm just...I don't know.  Any suggestions?


  1. You're probably waiting for the season to change visibly seems like... :)

  2. i have nothing since i don't really get seasons anymore. i have to say, though, that i definitely do not miss the cold & ice. remembering my days in the midwest, though, i always felt like i was leaving a dreamland. summer is my favorite & it was like waking up every year when it was over from sweet sweet sleep.

  3. Well, whatever you do, don't go "down the ocean" this weekend"! (Hurricane Earl will be visiting) Perhaps you could come down to Cajun country, where we have at least 2 months of summer left. Merci beaucoup for stopping by, cher!

  4. I don't know either. We've barely had a summer in Los Angeles so I'm as stumped as you are.


  5. Oh, I don't think I can help much either: fall for me as a kid was always exciting, as it meant new beginnings: my birthday at the end of August hand-in-hand with the Tuesday-after-Labor-Day, the former regular start of our school year. New clothes, new school supplies, new haircut, new teachers, new routine. A time of such interesting reinvention and upheaval.

    These days it's a softer segue... and I'll admit I'm loathe for the days to get shorter and for the sunshine to go away... but I have already started anticipating driving on tree-lined roads ablaze in glorious color, unpacking my cozy sweaters and knee-high socks, and football season starting up again.

    This year more than most, I'm bouncing on my toes, having heard the "ready...." in my age-change, and the "...set...." in taking Ben back to college. I'm listening intently for the "go!"

    Me, I don't know if I'm "riled", per se, but I'm definitely ready. :)

  6. A fishing pole on the bank of a lazy river... with the hope of not catching fish.


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