29 September 2010

A Poem About a Book About a Mirror Reflecting a Picture of a Mirror Reflecting a Book About Poems

Delightfully recursive, don't you think?

I know, it made my brain hurt just thinking about it.  There is, however, method to this madness.  It all started, as many of these things do, with an assignment.  This time the assignment arose in the class in which I am enrolled on the topic of Web development.  The assignment?  Create a blog, post on it and link with other blogs to be created by classmates.  You can see why I would be intrigued by this activity.

Long time readers are probably saying "Dude, you're aces! and DONE already!"

So it would appear.  Truth be known, this blog already satisfies nearly ever criteria required for completion of the assignment.  That's all good.  Part of the assignment is to write at least three new posts before the deadline next week, and I think many of you know there is no way I could resist it.

It did make me reflect on this blog, in a way I hadn't done in quite some time.  The why, the what, the who.  It hit me that there are a lot of questions about identity involved when blogging.  Why do I do this? What do I get out it?  Who is this person who blogs?

After all, a blog can chronicle deep life experience like this: Blood of My Blood...

It can serve a bowl of goodness: Soul Food...

It can ruminate on personal identity: Plume...

It can tell good stories, and poems: Maw of Winter, Mirror Cracked...

It can be funny and fluffy: One of My Favorite Things...(this is one of my daughter's favorite posts)...

It can be all those things and more.  Text and pictures and videos and music, everything that the everyday miracle of modern electronics can bring you, all right there for you to skim or swallow, chew or spit out.  Really, a blog can be about everything and nothing.

The important thing is that it be true to you, because in this age of instant communication and viral spread of information, the only real editor you have is yourself. Control the information, or it will control you.

Blog if you will, there are rewards: connectivity, friendship, knowledge, personal expression and creativity...many wonderful things.  Don't worry if it doesn't seem important.  Everybody has a story to tell, and a unique voice in which to tell it.  I am still learning to raise mine, while writing this poem about a book about a mirror reflecting a picture of a mirror reflecting a book about poems.


  1. So is this post part of your assignment?

  2. I haven't seen Max Headroom in quite a while. Was that You in Chicago November 22nd 1987?

  3. I'm not surprised you already have a thriving blog in place :)

    Instead I took the assignment as a jumping point for a new blog I'd been meaning to start with a more generalized appeal.

    It must be really interesting for some of your usual readers to see this departure in your typical writing. :)

    How do you keep up a consistent flow of ideas to write about? Is it all random or are we following a few threads of thought here?

  4. So your book title is metaphoric for a palindrome.

    I just like that you blog. You have an intelligent and interesting perspective and a genuine heart that shines through with every post. And, in that, the real Irish Gumbo is revealed. A most likable chap.

  5. Now I'm confused! Not for the first time though! Mind you Irish, I'm still trying to work out this blog thing to...
    Its just a public diary, right?


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