08 September 2010

Wearing My App on My Sleeve

You never get a second chance to make a first impression they say,
well, hellfire, I'm in a mess o' trouble because I can't bring myself
to try the first time so what the hell is to be done?  Carrying around
my laptop with my picture as the screensaver

won't cut it in most society, many societies, 'cause they would think
"What an eccentric performance!" just like on Monty Python
Oh, no, I know! I know! I got it!  Maybe I could velcro an iPad to my jacket
sort of like that video where the guy stuck one to his bike and his wall and stuff

Yeah, that's the ticket, I'll look like a new Social Media bling version of Flava Flav
without the hat or the glasses or the Chronic problem, but I'd have the clock
except it wouldn't be a clock, it would be a digital media filter, hopefully,
there will be an app for that.  Wouldn't that be grand?

And its my idea! How do I copyright this?  I don't want to carry my laptop
like an over-sized electronic biz card, that just screams geeeeeek
and I wouldn't want anyone to think I was a geek, no uh-uh
I have enough problems meeting peoiple as it is, especially women

but jesus, man, what am I going to do?  I won't have a filter, I don't have a filter
wait, it isn't a filter it's a screen, an electronic screen that lets me guard my social butterfly
Hah! I'm no butterfly, or maybe that's the problem: I want to be a butterfly, but I think
I'm a larva, so tell me when you see me, what buttons will you push on my touchscreen?

Please, I hope you hit the one that convinces you that I am really alright to know...
or maybe it needs to convince me, instead.


  1. now, here i am the most doofus of all techno doofuses(doofusii?) trying to figure out what you're talking about, sugar! an app for a phone? your inability to decide about buying a G4 phone? whut? but i did like the flava flav updated image. ;~D xoxoxox

  2. What about having your laptop open and the camera on so everybody you meet sees themselves from your vantage?

    And are you trying a new cough suppresent or something?


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