04 June 2011

A Fine Plate

Awwww, yeahhh...those were some mighty fine shrimp.  Monday dinner, simple, boiled and served up with some melted butter, corn and a colorful bowl of giardiniera including carrots, cauliflower, brilliant yellow peppers and banana peppers.  The shrimp I boiled with some bay leaves, cajun seasoning*, cayenne and some lemon juice in the water.  Oh, man, was it tasty.

This was the first meal of summer, even though summer hasn't started, if one is following the official solstice dates.  Doesn't matter, though, it suited me just fine.  I was hungry, really hungry, and all that goodness fit the bill.

I think it helped that I had earlier finished some rather involved brush removal and grass cutting operations on my yard.  I was sweating like a flash flood, I was hot, tired and speckled with bits of dirt and leaves.  Once done, I went inside to gulp some water and get the pot boiling on the stove.  Since it took a while to get up to temperature, I had the luxury of a cool shower before dinner.

That is the life.  Pleasantly tired, hunger in ma belleh and some fine victuals on which to nosh.  Yeah, man, summer is here, and the livin' is good.  In the here and now, its good.

Dig in!

*For the curious, I used Penzey's cajun seasoning mix. It made a good shrimp boil.


  1. Shrimp is my fave. Delish.

  2. Yum...what time is dinner tonight? I'm headed over. :)

  3. Sounds like a great combination of summer perfection.

    I made some fast feasting last night for hubs and teenboy. Flank steak from costco with the lime cilantro marinade. Served it with some portebello mushrooms, sliced up and sauteed with scallions, threw in some heavy cream, reduced, threw in some fresh shredded parm cheese. Gooey yummy.

  4. We do not get fresh shrimp up here, but I do keep some good peeled and deveined extra large in the freezer for my Tom yum koong and Tandori taste buds...not the same as fresh, but I also picked up some crawfish for some gumbo this week :) I love tormenting hubby with okra floaters in his bowl :) he he

  5. Yum!!! I boil mine in beer with a few shots of hoy sauce. Squeeze fresh lime over them when done, sooo good!


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