13 June 2011

New Day, Monday and Gratitude

Life here in the People's Republic of Gumbolia, and for yours truly, the President-For-Life of said republic, has been breathtakingly busy lately.  Between that which I do to earn my daily bread, personal biz and of course the writing...oh, and matters domestic (like lawn care)...my head is spinning.  I'm real dizzy, dear readers.

Part of that busy-ness is correspondence.  I get a reassuring amount of personal emails, many of which are the result of comments left by many of you kind folks out there on the hot mess that is Irish Gumbo.  I am grateful for the connections, and it has been a grand avenue to getting into the thoughts of others, exchanging perspectives and ideas, and sometimes just plain silliness (more of which I could use).  As many of you may already know, I am almost pathologically incapable of not responding to the digital equivalent of a letter.  I like to answer as many as I can, and most of time I do, within the limits of time, energy and technology

However, even with that success rate, I regret that I haven't been able to respond to all, especially in a timely fashion.  One thing that has compounded that in the past week is the pleasure and honor I had to be selected as a BLOG OF NOTE, which certainly surprised me.  I was amazed and astounded by the number of comments and new readers and new followers that joined me on board this strange and wonderful trip.  As you may imagine, I haven't been able to keep up with responding, and with the current level of activity (see first paragraph) I have a feeling I will miss getting back to some folks.

So if you don't hear from me, know that it is only because I'm caught up in a mad stampede running downhill on the Mountain of Life.  Please know that I am humbled and grateful for the attention, and when I catch my breath, I'll try and stop by and say hello.  Thank you, from my heart.

Happy Monday, one and all!


  1. thank you for your kind message from the land of crazy busy-ness! Don't be tripping on that downhill run, my friend! Hospital stays aint cheap - or fun! Glad life is so damned good for you - it oughta be, buddy!

  2. I'm just thinking that, "I'm real dizzy, dear readers," could read: "I'm deal rizzy, rear deaders," to hammer home the point. :)

  3. congratulations re blog of note! it's been a bit hectic on the plantation, too, so i haven't been around as much as i would have liked, sugar. be well, stay safe and try not to trip, as tara said! ;~D xoxoxox

  4. congratulations

  5. congrats on the blog of note honor, you deserve it! However, if you don't answer my comments when I leave them, I'll probably cry, my lip will quiver and I'll have to break out the sad suthun drawl and big teary puppy dog eyes and everything ;) *hugs*

  6. Welcome to the Blog of Note clan, good sir, and never was a blogger more deserving. Your gaudy dinner jacket is in the mail. Did someone have to tell you about it? Are you getting a flood of followers from Brazil and Portugal? If not, be assured they're on their way. Don't let it get to your head though, you only need one personal assistant, any more is just being showy.

  7. Well, you know that no apologies are necessary and that you can take your time but as Captain, said, no more than 1 PA - it makes things impersonal... Much love as always!! XOXO

  8. If you do get this, as I've said I greatly appreciate your work, and would really like some pointers, if you can spare the time. Sometimes it's better to slip and tumble than it is to continue running, gives the legs a break. (Pun Inserted)

  9. I can only imagine your dizziness! I have trouble responding to 10-20 comments a day sometimes. :)

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  11. :-) I'm leaving a comment that requires no response. Take five, baby.



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Let the love in your heart take control..."

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