02 June 2011

On The Quantam Entanglement of Flowers

Stop. Hold it. Breathe. Try not to think for a moment.  Then, think.  Consider where you are, where your family and friends are, consider (if you will) where lies your love.  In that time the Earth continued spinning at a speed too great to fathom, moving you and your neurons and the thoughts and impulses in those neurons long distances you didn't perceive.

You thought this completely normal.  Rather, you didn't think it normal, or anything at all, because you weren't thinking.  Right?

In that time of non-thought, millions of others were going about their lives, not thinking about the speed at which they were really moving.  No one was thinking about how something we cannot adequately grasp was moving us and the non-things in our heads.  Non-things moving non-things with our minds as the bridge.

How many people were not thinking about you?  How many people were you not thinking about?  That number, too, is almost incomprehensible.  Easier to ask, How many were you thinking about?  In that short space of non-thought and long distance of space-time, who was it that manifested themselves in the neurochemical biosphere of your synapses and gray matter?

Did you think of soul? Heart?  Did you think of Love?

The physicists speak of entanglement, theories abound and arguments ensue, nothing is testable and provable that does not have a loophole by which its validity can be questioned, yet somehow these entangled states persist.  Periods of being where one entity cannot be fully described without also consideration of the other in which it is entangled.  This is perhaps a useful description of Love.  Love, this unifying force that binds the flowers that grow, hearts that swell, minds that somehow connect without truly knowing how or why. 

The sun shines and flowers grow.  Beauty appears out of mystery, causing the breath to catch and the eyes to open and the ears to strain, trying to catch that whisper they know they just heard.  It is that moment of walking down the sidewalk and seeing bright blossoms sprouting from the spaces in between, with a sudden smile spreading across the face without discernible reason...and knowing serenity of place in the world that carries us.

So...stop.  Hold it.  Breathe.  Tell us:  Did you think of Love?


  1. Oh how you weave...have you ever thought of knitting? I bet you could make a mean sweater!

  2. Always. Love is there when I stop and breathe.

    It's a good thing we cannot perceive all the entanglements...is this what schizophrenics suffer? Too much bombardment all the time. How terribly exhausting.

    Stopping and breathing is the antidote for those not suffering mental illness.

  3. Love is the center of all that I think about - my family, my friends, everything...

    Once again, you awe and inspire me...

    Much love to you Irish!! *MUAH*

  4. Pretty damn good, Gumbo, straight from the title.

  5. Sup, Gumbo.
    Now, while I can't spin an ever-tangled web of words as you, I felt a relationship to your words. From time to time, I download and look at those HUGE Hubble images of our galaxy. It makes me feel so small. Then in a big "flip of the script", I feel so important with you surrounds me.
    Thanks for the reminder of who loves me and who I need to love.
    Gumbo rocks.

    The Cheeky Daddy

  6. Spaces in between are my favorite kind.
    Love this post, Irish.

  7. Lots of people think about me all the time. I have a blog, you see. If you have a blog, you become immediately famous, since you're on the Internet.

  8. Boy, did I.

    This is one for the book, Irish.


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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