02 September 2011

Bloating Down The Stream

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dogs and cats, big news: Irish Gumbo is expanding.

Is it a web portal of my own?  Is it the burgeoning of a publishing empire?  Is it the long awaited launch to fulfill my dream of owning a company that corners the market on t-shirts with snarky or ironic or just plain odd slogans and fake advertisements?

Sadly, no.  What is expanding...is mah belleh.

I have noticed more than once in the past two weeks, that some of my shirts and some of my pants are now bit more taut than usual when I put them on.  One of the shirts, a sort of shiny wine-colored number that I've been wearing for a few years, now gaps out at the buttonhole closest to my waist when I sit.  This perturbs me.

I am fortunate to have a metabolism and body type that, while not exactly svelte, I have not had to fight to keep from becoming too heavy for my own good.  In general my health has been pretty good considering that I do not get enough proper exercise* to stay toned up and fit.  So in general, I've managed to squeak by on the maintenance side of things.

But, now?  Perhaps I need to reconsider.  Exercise will have to brought on board.  Diet and nutrition will have to be improved**.  I will have to find a way to tame the cravings for le cuisine junque to go away, as my appetite for the salty-chippy-cheesy snacks has been fierce lately, and I think it is beginning to take its toll.  Also (and this could be really tough) I need to cut back on my indulgence in sandwiches of the Italian cold-cut variety.  I loves me a hoagie, no doubt.

I have also been possessed of an increased appetite in recent weeks, something I don't have a good explanation for at the moment.  I feel most days like I may not be eating enough, as my trade deficit with the company snack box would seem to indicate.  I need to get a handle on this soon, though, or there will definitely be handles on me...love handles.

And I'm not convinced anyone wants to see that on the Gumbo!

*Unless you count running around the office like my hair was on fire.
**Try as I might, I cannot figure out a way to get Doritos and potato chips to be defined as 'pasta or grain'.  Damnit.


  1. Well, if you need any help with snack ideas or substitutions for your favorites, let me know! I've been eating quite healthy for a few years now yet I'm still satisfied as a foodie. :)

  2. First, I had to read back to the first use of the "smackin' the cucumber" tag. Because? Well, because that's one of the things a girl has got to know...

    Second, love handles, eh?

  3. Sounds like a touch of the famous 'middle age spread', if you ask me! LOL

  4. Hah I wondered about the "Smacking the cucumber" tag too.

  5. Wish my hubby would take it as serious as you are :)

    Mine are gettin smaller and maybe he thinks our foundation would shift if we did not keep it balanced LOL

  6. Um, what? Smackin' the cucumber? Last time I saw that . . . well, I simply can't go there in public. But now about this eating stuff. That just tells me you are a happier person than you've been in awhile. This is a wonderful thing, and I am happy for you.

  7. I think fall is the wrong time to start looking at losing weight. As Lord Stark would say, "winter is coming."

  8. i hear you, sugar! i've taken my lead from a brad pitt in 12 Monkeys i know my dosages and practice portion control! ;) and we joined weight watchers online. good luck! xoxoxox

  9. I am glad to be tall and fairly thin, but I still watch what I eat. It will get harder to keep weight off as I get older.


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