08 September 2011

I'll Not Be A Pr*ck

September 2, 2011 - Mind akimbo.

Mind wandering, careening back and forth across the pavement like a wheel that fell off a bus.  All because I was directed to do something that would have made me seem like a prick.

What I was directed to do was not illegal, immoral or unethical.  It did not go against the tenets of my profession.  It was nothing major, but just the same...it would have made me seem like a prick.  All because someone else was acting like one, but was "too busy" to do the thing itself.  I was acting on earlier directions, following instructions and exercising my professional discretion to get things done.  When I relayed the news that the information we sought would probably not be available in time to get it into the project, I was directed to give an ultimatum to the person providing the information: get it to us by X, or have your name removed from consideration.

An ultimatum given for no other reason than it could be, flexing muscles for the sake of flexing.  I asked if that was really necessary, given that the issue in question would not delay the project, could easily be added after it went out (when it was apparent that other, bigger things will have to be added), and was it worth it?

I was rewarded with spite, pissiness and dismissal.  I was told "never mind, I'll do it myself".

On a late afternoon in September, I was directed to do something unnecessary, that would have made me look like a prick.  All in the service to another's apparent insecurities.

I didn't do it.  I'll not be a prick as a surrogate for someone else.  Never again.


  1. I too learned that lesson, albeit the X-Tra Hard Way...but it only took the one time to discover the BIG BRASS ONES...24 years later, now retired & it never happened again!

    A wonderfully written reminder of said lesson...Thanks.

  2. Yeah, good for you. Never worth it...

  3. At the end of the day, you're the one that has to make peace with your actions.

    Nicely done :)

  4. That's my boy, who is a real Man.

  5. Confession #27: I should have known when my sister told me she felt the person I was interacting with had a whole other agenda goings on when we spoke immediately after the original phone call. Why? Sister is an original uncouth master, so she would know.

    No I did'nt listen and argued the person had the best intentions, and it would pan out.

    Nope. I looked like the pr*ck to one, and a fool to the original, who was the pr*ck...lesson learned...

  6. I'm glad. Ego and pride are such downfalls.


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