19 September 2011

Magpie Tales 82: Consequence

Image via Tess at Magpie Tales

After the storm,
dream-time mirage
walkabout in garden primeval
to awake, shaking his head

wondering if the pleasure
of sin
is really as good
as it sounds

His eyes open to music,
serpents hiss and drip
taste of agave in his mouth
and regrets in his heart


  1. sin always leaves regrets in the heart.

  2. I like your waking-up-after angle very much.

  3. I wish I had more regrets... Great poem!

  4. I like your poem. (Unlike Sean, however, I certainly don't wish I had more regrets.)
    "Taste of agave" still sounds prickly to me, although I realize agave nectar is sweet, so I am left wondering which you meant.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. oh it is fun for a bit until your eyes are once more truly opened...nice pen...

  6. Pleasure of sin is sometimes just as good as it sounds!!

  7. It would be good not to have those regrets. But we humans seem to regret a lot.

  8. Waking up to have regrets could be difficult..Very nice magpie!

  9. Sin is sometimes good!

    Anna :o]

    PS Tried to leave a comment here yesterday - but couldn't due to (yet more) blogger problems.

  10. It isn't sin if you enjoyed it and never mind that morning after feeling.

  11. For sin doth e'er leave ye the bitter tastes, sweetness scorched.

  12. I've been a naughty girl in the past and liked it....! Wonderful Mag.....!


"Let your laws come undone
Don't suffer your crimes
Let the love in your heart take control..."

-'The Hair Song', by Black Mountain

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