27 January 2009

Suspicions Confirmed: He Really IS A Big Fat Idiot

(I have been trying to avoid politics and talk TV a lot lately, because I have more important things on my mind, but something came up (appropriate, given the subject matter) this morning as I read the paper that could not be ignored. The thing reminded me of why I have been ignoring those subjects, and a response of some kind I cannot avoid. I’m sorry, but like a kidney stone, it must pass, painful as it may be.)

Special thanks to Leonard Pitts, Jr., columnist for the Miami Herald for providing the food for thought for today’s post.

Consider the following:

In a video message put out on the Internet, Al Qaeda “leader” Ayman al-Zawahiri mocks Barack Obama as “house slaves” or “house Negroes” in a desperate attempt to dehumanize and humiliate the President in front of the world. He also says that President Obama’s intention to pull troops from Iraq to send to Afghanistan is “a policy which was destined for failure before it was born." Al-Zawahiri also spews out a lot of the usual denunciations of U.S. policy, insults and hollow declarations that Al Qaeda is “winning” by saying they told us to get out of Muslim lands. (Never mind that Iraq was a Muslim land in the same way that the Inquisition was a “Christian” organization. Don’t those knuckleheads get that Saddam Hussein used Islam as a religion of convenience, when political expediency required him to do so?). So it is safe to assume that the nutjobs in Al Qaeda, along with their sympathizers, are hoping and praying that President Obama (and by extension, the United States) will be an abject failure, so they can declare “victory” over the great Satanist empire.*

So no surprise, lots of people are hoping our new President is a failure. And, hey, guess who else we can count amongst those folks with their heads up their asses? Porky Pig. No, really:

Rush Limbaugh.

In a breathtaking new low (even for someone who is already hitching a ride on the snake’s belly), Annoying Blowhard #1, a person who claims to love America, has publicly wished for the rightfully elected President of the United States (the country which allows undie stains like Rush to emit their noxious gases) to fail. TO FAIL. It would be amusing if it weren’t true. Instead, it is just revolting.

Rush Limbaugh will claim that it is “liberalism” that he wants to fail, which is true; he has said that on many an occasion. I quote:

“…I need four: I hope he fails."…What are you laughing at? See, here's the point. Everybody thinks it's outrageous to say. Look, even my staff, "Oh, you can't do that." Why not? Why is it any different, what's new, what is unfair about my saying I hope liberalism fails?”

No surprise there. But in this case, it isn’t just liberalism he wants to fail, he specifically said he wants Obama to fail. Quote:

“I would be honored if the Drive-By Media headlined me all day long: "Limbaugh: I Hope Obama Fails." Somebody's gotta say it.”

Somebody’s gotta say it? Really, why would that be? Because it is a good thing to want the freely elected leader of our country to screw up, to not succeed in the mission? If Rush really wants Obama to fail, by extension he wants America to fail. Pretty twisted statement for someone who claims to be a patriot, someone who supposedly loves America. I don’t know if I was more offended or outraged. Even as much as I loathed George W. Bush, I never, NEVER wished for him to fail in the Presidency. As Leonard Pitts puts it in his column:

“You may think he’s going to fail, yes. You may warn he’s going to fail, yes. But do you ever ‘hope’ he fails? Knowing his failure is the country’s failure? Isn’t that, well…disloyal?”

I am opposed to Al Qaeda, and I truly believe that organization does not represent the true face of Islam. I am opposed to Rush Limbaugh, and I fervently hope he does not represent the true face of conservatism. If so, conservatives better find a better public face if they want people to believe in their ideology.

Maybe that is part of the problem. I think Rush has just proven he doesn’t really care about a well-reasoned approach to solving socio-political problems, it isn’t really about ideology. Like al-Zawahiri, what he really cares about is his own ego, his ratings. Also like al-Zawahiri, Rush Limbaugh comes across as desperate for attention, because he knows his cause is failing, morally vacuous and ethically unsupportable. His thoroughly despicable statements should offend any reasonable person, regardless of which side of the political or ideological fence they are on.

Ayman, Rush, keep spewing the sewage, guys, if you just cannot stop yourselves. When the US economy gets even worse and more and more people are out of work and can’t afford the radios and televisions (and the houses to put them in) that give them access to your odious idiocy, give each other a high five. Rush, if (God forbid) terrorists blow up the building you are in (or any building), please save your sniveling for someone who really would care, like al-Zawahiri. Hey, if that happens, you two can get together for a victory party! Sit down over a good meal, a cigar and some painkillers and congratulate each other on how good it feels to be a winner.

Just don’t try and convince me you really care about anything but yourselves.

(Here endeth the rant. Back to regularly scheduled content tomorrow.)

*Which is funny in and of itself. These guys still talk about the Crusades as if they happened last year. It’s Christianity against Islam in a smackdown! Really, fellows, is it Satan you are fighting or is it the Christianized West? Make up your minds, we can’t be both…


  1. I'm pretty sure in a dark alley this all comes down to one thing for Rush... race.

    If fire and frogs began to rain from the sky and the sea boiled and the ground shook apart and Rush Limbaugh jumped from the depths with pitch fork in hand I wouldn't be even a little surprised. The guy is all venom.

    With that said I would never wish for him to "fail" at anything. Quite the opposite I wish for him to succeed swallowing his own tongue in his sleep. Or succeed in walking in front of a bus.

    whoops! now I am worse then he is with that kind of talk. I feel the shame. I'm going to take a shower.

  2. Rush is a sick idealogue. Even me, a pretty conservative person, doesn't want Obama to fail, for the very reasons you pointed out.

  3. I actually saw that interview with Rush the other night (I didn't have control of the remote) and I gotta say that I kind of agreed with the bs he was spewing. But at the end, I wiped it all from my mind and told myself he was still a dolt and I mustn't let him corrupt my mind.

  4. You know what they say..

    Empty barrels make the most noise..

    Loud, foul-mouthed people are mostly ignorant. Don't give them the time of day. And definitely dont let them upset you.

  5. Limbaugh gives "idiots" a bad name.

  6. Maybe he WANTS him to fail. That would make more sense.

  7. Maybe Rush and Ann Coulter can run off together- somewhere far, far, far, far, far away. The world doesn't need either of them...

    (I find it ironic that my word verification is "lament.")

  8. Once again a well considered post with a sensible viewpoint.

    Rush has a big empty space in his Karma bank that is for certain.

  9. Oh, but didn't you know?? The Christianized West is Satan!

    I mean.... just look at us!

    heh heh.. I'm with Kat on this.. despite my somewhat conservative bent and my many disagreements with Obama, I do not wish for him to fail.. as a matter of fact, I will be praying for him to succeed.

    and Rush should just shove his head the rest of the way up his ass so that we don't have to hear it anymore..

  10. He really, really makes me want to puke. I love Leonard Pitts, though. I used to read the Herald every day down in the Keys. Thanks for reminding me to check in on him online....


  11. They are just jealous. Have you heard that people are saying that our President is a PILF? Did anyone ever say that about those two you mentioned? Aside from...never mind.

  12. Rush represents narrow-minded hateful fundies. But maybe he didn't mean what he said - he might just be back on the drugs.

  13. dear rush,

    see? it IS hard to be intelligent with your head stuck up your ginormous, pompous ass. when you do manage to pull that empty bucket out? go fuck yourself.



    ps-word verification is scalimp. defined as "a scaly, scab on the ass of humanity ie rush. what? so i'm emotional.

  14. When I saw who the subject of this post was, I was all like, "Oh, well, shit...DUH."

    As a business owner and a Libertarian, I have...issues with our new President's economic policy, but want him to fail? Absolutely not!

    Poor Mr. Limbaugh; it must be very distressing for you to know that the words "has been" are going to be used in conjunction with your name sometime in the (most likely) very near future.

  15. Oh, I ♥ you, Turkey Sandwich Man. Because dittoheads? Sigh...so much to rant about...The entire right-wing-shock-media cadre needs to quiet the eff down and do some listening. Michael Moore too, frankly and to be fair. Anyway...SO MUCH STUPIDITY.

    The Crusades, though. I think often in extreme islamic politics, the Israeli conflict is seen as an extension of the Crusades. Because in that logic, the Jews are the pets/tools of the Christian invaders. It's a complicated issue.

  16. Cheers to Heather's letter to Rush.

    What a complete ass this guy is, seriously? It does help to explain some of the rampant stupidity out there. I wonder how people get some of their back asswards ideas, and of course, from the radio! from Rush!

    I hope the leader of our country is successful. Period. I don't care who the leader is or if I agree with him, or her, for future reference.

  17. Methinks Rush needs another drug test. Aren't sewage ranting, psychotic rambling, and foaming at the mouth side effects of certain pain killers?

  18. Aaaand all hail to Al Franken for his consistently accurate and appropriately titled "Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot." He was a hell of a lot kinder than I would have been.
    PS- He hopes liberalism fails? Like conservatives did such a great effing job these past 8 years!

  19. Oh I fucking hate that guy. What a dick, seriously.

    And by the way, I'm disappointed that I got a comment from you on my screwing up the current Chinese New Year but nada on my lengthy narcissistic post previous to that. *sniff* Yours was the only comment I was waiting for! I swear I clicked refresh a zillion times last night and this morning just to see if you read it or not. *I know, so lame* Doh!

  20. I knew before I saw anything but your title: He Really IS a Big Fat Idiot, exactly who you were talking about.

    Yeah that guy just keeps stirring the hate pot, and what's worse to me is that he has so many blind followers.

    I think we need to put Limbaugh and Coulter on a deserted island together and let them work it out. Oh, wait! If they have kids together, they could spawn the devil himself! Nevermind.


  21. If Obama fails, the economy stays screwed.

    Is this really what the guy who addressed the issue of stem cell research by making fun of Michael J Fox's Parkinson's Disease wants?

    Or is he just the bored toddler who would rather shit their own pants in public for attention than not get any at all?

    Mr Limbaugh, something smells a little off in your direction...

    Anna xxx

  22. The advantages of being Canadian...much less Rush and Ann Coulter...mostly we just hear about them when our media is making fun of them and their latest assinine comments...

    Great post, perhaps YOU should get a talk show?.

  23. Its a damn shame that ignorance isn't against the law. If it were we could lock this jackass away for a long time.
    What truly scares me is that I personally know several conservatives who take what he says as God's honest truth. If Rush says it, the believe it.

    Also, fat cat is awesome! He allows the girl children to haul him around in their strollers, dress him and comb him every day. He has a brain injury though so he may not know any better!

  24. Doesn't Rush get that we've moved beyond all this polarizing crap?

    Well done, Gumby.

  25. Okay, I am about to get graphic. I don't really want to, but that's just the only way I can talk about that asshole Rush.
    I would like to kick him in his crotch. Most assuredly, he gets little action anyways, so I don't know that it'd be that big a deal.
    I would really like to ask Ole Rush if he hopes Barack is just a regular failure or a Bush-sized one. It amazes me that so many Americans listen to this asshole. I loved when Barbara Walters called him out for saying that the country does not need to watch a woman age when Hillary was still in the race and then completely retracted that during this endorsement of Sarah "The Brain" Palin.

  26. I will understand if you remove this comment.

    Flush Limpburger is a consumate ass clown. He is an air thief, and I want my molecules back.

    I have a lot of bones to pick with him just because he is the ultimate example of the ugly American. The fact that he is a fat little pox ridden penis troll is just ironic as well. HE is how other countries have been seeing us since about half way through the second Clinton term.

    Someday, after much research into stem cell therapy, perhaps we can inject him with epigenes that could activate his humanity and de-emphasize the reptillian traits that we see now. And For Christ's sake, make sure his mother uses BC, and barring that, keep him away from stupid, willing, fertile, and/or drunk or stoned females.

    If he and Stan Coulter should fly off into the sunset with their bat wings, it would behoove us all, to find their lair, and remove any eggs Stan might have laid. Really, we need to send Flush back to Uranus.

  27. I'm neither a consertave or a liberal, but, having said that, Rush is a big fat asshat. For real. To wish that our President (and by extension, the U.S.) would fail is stupidity in the highest form.

  28. Ugh... even reading about him makes me feel dirty.

  29. Does anyone really give a rat's ass what that jagoff says?

    A supreme tool and cage rattler, nothing more.

    Peace -

  30. End of the day, Rush comes out with this shit for one reason and one reason only, ratings.

  31. Did we expect him to say anything else????

    If there's one thing you can say about Rush, is that never waivers in his assholishness.

  32. Don't even get me started. I have nothing positive to say on this topic. Sorry.

  33. Panic Room: You are on to something there. Perhaps he won’t heed George Carlin’s advice to “Don’t get run over by a bus!” Now, go take that shower.

    Kat: I was hoping you’d say that :)

    Chris: The Devil appears in many guises…

    Belle: “Empty barrels…” what a lovely saying! Ha! He won’t know I have a watch…

    IB: My apologies, good sir! I wish Al Franken had titled his book “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Moron” instead. I know who the bad ones are…

    Sunny: Hmm. A slippery semantics issue. I shall have to study this…

    Liz: *snortgiggle* I wish, but the offspring, OMG…

    Rachael: Thank you! And I love the phrase “Karma bank”!

    CPM: Get thee behind me, Sa--, wait, I can’t get behind myself. Oh, and good idea for his head, at the very least he would be muffled

    MYE: Sorry :) I forgot the barf bags. Your welcome, I like Mr. Pitts, too.

    CG: Good point! And at the risk of appearing ig’nant, what’s a PILF? Do I dare ask?

    Petra: Well said.

    Grant: Ha! Let’s see if we can track down his dealer.

    MIW: *laughlaughlaugh* I hope you sent that by certified mail…Love the definition of ‘scalimp’!

    Jan: Very glad to hear that. I think he wants it to be hard for everyone to have a reasonable discussion.

    Rebekah: *blush* Aww, I didn’t know! And you are correct, MM does need to ratchet it down some. And the Crusades: everyone needs to get out from under the weight of history, but complicated indeed…

    Ashley: Complete ass, indeed! And I second your sentiment.

    MDTS: *bowing* Thank you!

    SK: *laugh* You are probably right.

    Robin: Al Franken called it spot on.

    Teri: Tell us how you really feel, let it all out! (and mea culpa; I hope I made good for you ;)

    FL: Limbaugh and Coulter – MY BRAIN, MY BRAIN, OH THE HORROR!!!

    AR: Yes.

    Thistle: “The Advantages of Being Canadian” should be a book. And my own show? Aiiiyiyi…

    Michelle: If it were, he’d be a felon many times over. And yes Fat Cat is awesome!

    OAM: He didn’t read the memo. Thank you!

    Shonda: See Teri, above. :) it’s okay, I understand…

    SEC: I wouldn’t think of it! “Consummate ass clown” had me rolling for quite some time! And wouldn’t that be a great name for goth rock/performance art band?

    MD: Asshat: The True Story of A Moron. And I agree with you.

    Michelle: Sorry, my dear. Here’s a towel, have a nice long shower :)

    NTR: I try, oh I try not to, but some times….

    Captain: Your analysis is crystal clear.

    Lizspin: No, not really, but one can…hope?

    Krystal: Yes, ma’am! No need to apologize

  34. I was just reading about this in today's Newsweek. I effing hate Rush and Michael Savage. I wish both of them would take their matchbox cars and go drive them on the yellow lines.

    Correction, as I am not such a nasty bitch as all that would indicate: I hope they keep doing what they are doing, which is driving their little matchbox car careers on the yellow lines. The mac trucks are coming, bastards. Watch your mouths.

  35. Pamela: You go, girl! WHOOOOAAAHHH! I know you ain't nasty, you all nice ;) Good one!

  36. *yawn*

    honestly. I am so tired of hearing about what Rush Limbaugh says. The fact of the matter is, he says stuff for ratings and what do you know? He is in headlines everywhere for half of a quote.

    If people truly want him to be irrelevant, they wouldn't give him this much press.

  37. So true...

    I grew up in an ultra (ultra) conservative atmosphere and came to realize later that such polarized stances don't make you better, it makes you as wrong as the people on the polar opposite.

    Those that look to agitate society by harping on our differences in the name of the name of some cause, religion politics, etc are just doing it to make a name for themselves.


  38. As Americans, for or against him, shouldn't we all be hoping that this new President succeeds. Do they really not see that if he fails, we all fail? I was really on the fence during the whole election but now that we have a President, shouldn't we step back (or step up as the case may be) and see what he can do.

  39. Amen, Brother Low Writer, Amen! Why do people keep suggesting that Fatass Limbaugh run off with Ann Coulter? Have they seen "her" Adam's apple? Oh,I get it...Rush, the Rump Raider!

    :) Malisa

  40. What an ass. I haven't listened to anything that guy has had to say for years, I just can't. I hadn't heard about him wishing for Obama to fail but it doesn't surprise me.

  41. I CAN'T QUIT YOU EITHER, BABY. You know that gmail business? spiderball

  42. Rush Limbaugh is still alive?

    Huh, who knew.

  43. I knew I liked you for a reason. You know my aunt disowned me during the primaries for campaigning for President Obama. And she was just regurgitating the foul rants that came out of limbaughs mouth. Thank God global warming is mostly a hoax anyway!! She said this, you know after "the decider" said it wasn't real and all. Oh well governor bush and old limbaugh can now sit with their money and rot. We can clean up this mess it will just take a while.

  44. I think that back in the day of our fore fathers, Rush would have been hung for treason. Though I could be wrong. Really saying out right he hope that Obama would fail would have him at the in of a rope, all be it a very thick rope. That fat Fuck.

  45. I never could give a toss about US politics, but I think Obama is the right man and all the snarking is fear and envy...it'll pass when he starts to really kick ass....

  46. I will not even DIGNIFY Rush with a comment.

    (I'm THINKING bad things about him.......)

  47. I hope Jesus fails. That's what I want to see.

    Wait...did that already happen?

  48. Dude, don't even get me started on that Rush character. Rush and Anne Coulter, the 2 biggest blemishes on the butt of the USA.

    I think, much like anyone who doesn't have anything really meaningful to offer the world, Rush, Al-Qaeda, bin Laden, Anne Coulter, James Dobson, all those far right Christian political hacks, etc...are very sad, lonely people who were simply not loved enough as children. And now they've grown into highly dysfunctional, non-productive adult members of the global community. They're big people versions of the bullies they were as children.

    Good lord, I'm so glad we have a new (mature, emotionally functional) leader finally.


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