09 May 2009

Konichiwa and Irasshaimase, All My Lovely Gaijin! Blessed with Another Award

Greetings one and all, happy Saturday!

The train slowed down just long enough for me to hop off, catch a breath and get a gander of the local surroundings, and I must say, I'm a little shocked. The terrain is very different. I wonder just how fast was I going? Too fast, the scenery was nothing but a blur. Another round of catch-up to play. I am just a tad embarrassed, because in my absence, someone was nice to me and I...uh...well, I forgot to check up. So it is with bowed head and humility in my heart that I am honored to say that the lovely Jan at Jan's Sushi Bar laid upon me an award of her crafting. For your edification and delight:

(sniff)(whonkkkk!) I was truly delighted by this award, Jan gracefully created it and it incorporates one of my favorite all-time epicurean delights: SUSHI! Please stop by the Bar if you haven't already. I was amazed and grateful to be included in Jan's list of awardees, and I'll tell you why.

I likes the sushi, but it's more than just a tasty belly filler. When sushi is artfully made by masters of the craft, it is a pleaseure to watch it being made as well as to eat. It speaks to craft, care and attention. It speaks to doing something very well, taking pride in your work. It is the joy of doing one's best for the sake of it, and sharing that creation with others.

Doing one's best for the sake of it. A fine way to approach any endeavor. Many thanks to Jan, and I am delighted to be included among the awardees. Salut!


  1. Congrats on that cool award!

  2. I dunno. I think sushi can make ya crazy. I just had sushi on a date, 10 seconds later my date left me standing on the side of the road.

    Could my table manners be THAT bad? eeks

  3. yes Sushi is a work of art,and I enjoy every bit of the artists work.

  4. Did you hear about the sushi bar that caters
    exclusively to lawyers? It`s called Sosumi.

  5. I read Salut as SLUT the first time and thought to myself that calling somebody a slut was an odd way of saying thanks, unless you were thanking SteenkyBee, in which case it would be totally normal and even appreciated, but seeing as you weren't thanking the Steenk just there I was confused. But then I realized I must not be properly caffeinated to read. And now I'm going to make coffee.

  6. I can never bite my sushi in a convenient place so it usually just falls apart and I'm clawing viciously at my mouth for the left-overs still hanging out. *sigh* Lovely award though.

    I'm back ... and will be blopping more often, I know I know ... my departure was horrible as I'm so often quick with a quip ... but alas ...

    brightest blessings

  7. Congrats. You are loved. By the masses.

  8. just say sushi and I'm in.......


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