10 April 2011

Saturday Night (Swiffer) Fever

It says something about my current life and state of mind that its Saturday, on a cool but pleasant night, and I am home alone perched on the couch...and I am okay with this situation.  There is good music on the stereo, the chores are all done and I am pleasantly tired and (get this) relaxed.

"Get out!"  you say.  "I know!" I say.

It is true.  I am relaxed.  This is big.  It has been weeks since I felt unwound to the point where I didn't feel jittery, and I had a grip on my day.  This is what it must feel like, I tell myself, to feel normal.  Perhaps normal is just another way to say 'content', like cows chewing cud.

I attribute this to finally pushing myself to take care of lots of nagging little things, cleaning out some clutter, catching up on laundry and bills.  Oh, and a liberal dose of my Wee Lass.  She wasn't with me this weekend, but the circus was in town, and she and I and her mother went to see it.  Wee Lass was very excited, and seeing that made me feel good too.  She got a stuffed white tiger (with cub) as a souvenir, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the show.  An amazing spectacle, fun for all!

After that it was pizza for dinner, and then home for me.  I briefly considered hitting the tavern around the corner, but then I got distracted.

Distracted by Swiffering.  Yeah, man, I was doing the swiffer-dance and getting the floors clean, and I was really digging it.  There was a brief pang, of feeling pathetic because I'm cleaning instead of clubbing* on a Saturday night...but then with a playlist like this one:

...the regrets quickly faded and I had a great time shakin' what passes for my moneymaker while sweeping the floor.  I think having simple tasks and getting things done was just the ticket to sand the edges off my anxiety.  Not to mention, I also have clean floors!

*Not that I ever was much on clubbing.  When I had the energy for it, I lacked the social skills to make a go of it.  Now that I can at least make people think I have social skills, I almost never have the energy.  Seems a tad unfair, yes?


  1. I always feel less stressed after a good cleanup, especially when I go through things and throw things out. Remove clutter. Ah it makes be breathe easier. We don't have enough swifferable floor however, so I shall have to be jealous of your ability to mow a path through dust.

  2. I clean and do laundry when I'm stressed out. My house has been pretty clean lately. Ha.

    Love the peek into your iTunes library! (I'm recreating mine right now - new hard drive yesterday. Another sort of housecleaning.)

  3. love the play list! How did you manage to get it in this format for your blog post? I, myself, have various playlists on iTunes specifically for cleaning house. There is a lot of Aretha Franklin on them, and Green Day. Now that's some kick-ass swiffering music.

    You have described a fabulous day and night, and a brilliant way to combine coping with house keeping. Life is good!

  4. you know the swiffer bit borders on erotica for me...
    just sayin'

  5. Rene cracked me up.

    But there is a certain something about a man doing housework. SEXY...


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