01 May 2011

On Reading Together

If ever I needed any reminder that I am a lucky man in some ways, it would be this:  I learned to read at an early age, and I still love it.

If I had not received a glowing reinforcement of that reminder, it was tonight.  Her Royal Cuteness wanted to see some funny animal videos before bedtime, so I indulged her.  When I informed her that we would have to cut it short if she wanted to read some books before lights out, I was expecting a little of the ol' "whine and jeez" party.  Much to my delight, she didn't fuss.  She said straight away that she wanted to read, and she leapt off the couch to pick out some books.

Tonight, we had time for two.  Wee Lass said I should read the first one, but that she was going to read the second one, to me.  So she did, in its entirety, with minimal input from myself.

I can unequivocally say that this was one of the greatest gifts I have received as a father.  I can't quite put into words the pride and joy I felt listening to my daughter read.  She did a great job, with some flair, and we had some giggles along the way.

Voices are powerful instruments, and I was blessed to hear a concerto of words.  This is the stuff of life.


  1. Sweet! And wonderful--- so good that she's a reader.

  2. I love to read and have about 40 books on my Kindle. My newest love are audio books! I listen to books in my car as I'm driving. I download them free from my library and put them on my Blackberry (which I only use now for books. I have a newer Droid that I use as my phone). The best part is they are FREE!!

  3. Reminds me of the time I came home from work
    and you read to me from a national geographic
    magazine when you were 5yrs old.

  4. wonderful! I have very fond memories of being read to by various family members - especially Grandma Nadine. When my daughter was tiny, we read every night before her bedtime. She memorized some books and would "read" to me long before she ever did read the words.

    It is the stuff of life, my friend!! Splendid post.

  5. Jack has been reading me "Green Eggs and Ham" for about a month. It's still awesome.

  6. I just wrote about a fellow at a meeting who could not read well. He truly struggled. He was ashamed and cried over his inability to read well. Very sad.


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